Saturday, October 22, 2016

An Outing

On a recent trip I did a wee bit of bird watching. Didn't see as many as I would have liked but I was excited to add two new ones to my bird book. When I see a new one, I circle the name and add the location.

Just started doing that the last couple years, seeing new ones, circling ones I remembering seeing in this place or the other.

I watched a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker pecking away on a tree in my son's yard. It was stinking hard to see that bird, it blended right in with it's surroundings but I kept on til I got this shot.

You can bet there were a lot of other shots that didn't turn out as well.

And, while driving over a bridge, we saw a bird I'd never seen before..... a white pelican! All the ones at the beach near where I live are brown so that was pretty exciting. And, I didn't have my camera ready. I was so teed off!!

We found a heron sitting on a log in the lake.

So, just wanted to share these finds with you on Saturday Critters - Camera Critters  and The Bird D'pot

Oh, and on this outing that day to Wheeler State Park in North Alabama, we saw a deer in the edge of the woods.

We had a fun time, even though we didn't see all the birds we wanted to.

Lunch at the lodge was great.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Adventures On A Boat.

There's nothing like spending some time with your matter what age or where! This week brought back a lot of memories from years gone by. 

It's Friday and time for Willy Nilly Friday - Five On Friday

1. The two of them exploring together.

2. Then the horseplay begins...
"I can push you in".... " Oh no you can't"

3. "Let's just jump in"

4. "Wow, that was fun. Now let's go tell Mom all about it"

Oh, yes, that was just like it was when they were children! 

5. For My Town Shootout 
                                               Just a bit of beachy Halloween decoration. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

October's Party

                                              October is marching right along, Fall is in the air. 

         It's a wonderful time of the year so I thought I'd share a sweet poem with you today. 

Once when I was on my way home, I drove underneath some trees where the wind was making the leaves flutter to the ground. To me it felt like I was in the midst of colorful silk scarves. I loved it.
This poem reminds me of that time.

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