Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Last Leg of Our Trip

This week-long trip has turned into weeks of blog posts. I guess that isn't too bad. I could have been gone a month. (grin)

We wend our way northward toward Tennessee where the wildflowers are blooming and the American flag flies proudly.

We have a short visit with family.
and come morning we start the last lap of our trip... toward home.
But, first, we make a brief stop in Abingdon, Virginia. I'd never been there so I enjoyed seeing some of the sights.
This is the Martha Washington Hotel and Spa. It opened in 1905 and has 51 guest rooms and 11 suites. I must go back sometime for a stay at this old but elegant hotel.
The house was originally built in 1832 as a home for General Francis Preston and his wife, Sarah. In 1858 it was sold and became an upscale college for women. That was closed in 1932. At one time the building housed actors, such as Patricia Neal, Ernest Borgnine and Ned Beatty, that were appearing at the Barter Theatre.
Oh, speaking of the Barter Theatre, it sits catty-cornered across the street from the hotel. It is the longest running professional resident theater in the U. S.
The way it got it's name, you asked!
The theatre opened in 1933 during the Depression and people couldn't really afford to buy tickets to attend so the owner let them pay with food, hence the name 'Barter'.
Here are some other random photos that I took while in Abingdon.
A park near the hotel
Beautiful flowers
My daughter
Thus ends our trip through Virginia,  North and South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee.

I know you all are gonna miss having your own personal tour but I have a surprise for you.....

Shirley and I leave tomorrow headed to Dover, Delaware on a bus trip to the casino. Not that we are gamblers, you know, but it will be a new and exciting adventure for us. So, stay tuned. My next blog post is bound to be about that trip.

Friday, August 15, 2014

This and That

The journey continues. Since it is Willy-Nilly Friday   and Friendship Friday  I am linking to these two memes. You should check them out.

1. A Tennessee barn quilt. I managed to get a fleeting shot from the car. And, I found an early photo of the same barn on the internet. You can see the painted quilts on many barns in Tennessee. This one is on Paul Coates farm and is patterned after an actual quilt made by Mr. Coates mother-in-law, who grew up on the farm.

2. These were the largest and most tasty peaches I'd ever seen. We found them at Isom's Orchard in north Alabama.

3. The Space Center in Huntsville, Alabama. Impressive sight.
4. Have you ever seen a barn with SEE ROCK CITY painted on it's roof? Don't see them anymore but I did see this birdhouse built like a barn advertising Rock City from it's roof. Oh, and by the way, love the Bama Elephant on the front!! It's nearly football season. I can't wait!
FIY: From 1935 until 1969 a man by the name of Clark Byers painted over 900 barn roofs in 19 states with the SEE ROCK CITY advertisement on them.

5. Last week I proudly announced that I had made all the final corrections on my book 'Springtime In Magnolia' so that the manuscript would go in for publication. WELL.... In the process of preparing to load my edited manuscript onto the Createspace website I discover that the corrections have to be done on a format they provide online. So, today I start doing all those corrections AGAIN...where they said I had to do it.  Maybe I will get it right this time. If it's not one thing, it's another!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

More From Athens, Alabama

So, I am still on the road (so to speak) folks, even though we've been back home two weeks. The blog posts just keep on coming!
These are more pictures of my visit with my son, Michael, and his wife, Susan.
Home sweet home to them.

The square-foot garden was producing veggies like crazy!

So, there was a bunch of canning going on. I got to bring home some wonderful pickles. Great job, Susan.

The next door neighbors have a herd of Alpacas. I had never been around Alpacas before so I ambled over to the fence to get a better look. They originate from the Andes and are smaller than llamas. When sheared, their fiber is similar to wool and did you know, it comes naturally in over 50 colors. At least, that's what I read on the internet. You don't even have to dye the stuff, evidently.  Note the newborn with it's mama on the left.
We drove out to Joe Wheeler State Park where Michael will soon moor his sailboat. The lodge has 75 rooms and each have a balcony facing the lake. Now, that's my kind of place.

Peanut loved hanging out the window, checking out the breeze, the trees, the deer and turkeys.

It was a wonderful visit. I hope I get to go back really soon.

After Shirley and I left family in Athens, we headed for more family in Greeneville, Tennessee. So, til next time

                                                                                               Tootle Loo

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Tooling Around Athens

Athens, Alabama is located in Limestone County near the Tennessee border. My son and his wife have been living there for one year and this was my first visit down to see them. So, they took me around the place, pointing out first this thing and then that.  Here's a brief look at our 'tooling' around Athens.

This is the courthouse in Athens. That's an interesting dome on top and look at that wind vane that perhaps it serves as a lightning rod as well.

                                                        We stopped at the duck pond.

                                Two old 'geezers' discussing the three people watching them.

 We wondered why this duck did not swim with the others. Well, that duck can't swim. He's a decoy.

                                                                 Pretty flowers nearby.

My son took me to lunch at LuVici's. They opened in 2002. What a Southern treat that was. Chicken dressing just like my Mama used to make, mashed potatoes that were out of this world, fried corn and cornbread. If you are ever in Athens you certainly need to stop in. They say that breakfast is outstanding, as well. I got this picture of LuVici's off

In the same building was U. G. White's store. It was started in 1917 and sells a bunch of old-timey things. This bicycle was on display.

Nails of every size in big aluminum scoops.
Peanuts were roasting
What a fun outing.