Wednesday, August 26, 2015

"An American In Paris"

The last night of my New York visit.....

They say that you retain a lot of things if you learn them when you are young. My daughter Susan learned to love musicals and in particular, Gene Kelly, when she was very young. He did a lot of wonderful movies like "Singing In The Rain" and " An American In Paris". 

Imagine my delight when Susan said she had tickets for the two of us to go to see the Broadway production of "An American In Paris". You see, Paris is pretty special to us girls. She was a young lady just over 20 when she flew to Paris to begin work with a modeling agency there. And, wasn't she sweet!! She wanted her Mom to go along for a brief holiday before she started to work. 

Oh we had fun!! In the dead of winter, sometimes snow, always cold but we took it all in and that trip became one of my favorites for all time. And here we were, the memories flooding back..


The show won 4 Tonys this year. 
This photo is from the New York Times website.

And, of course, show night at the Palace Theatre 

in Times square

was hustling and bustling even as we emerged after the delightful performance. 

Nothing like New York... No siree!!  

I left for home the following morning. I miss New York!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Day #5 New York

It's Summertime and the livin' is easy.....

Or so goes Cole Porter's Summertime melody. And, so goes my life during my visit with family in New York. It's another day at Manursing Island Beach Club..........

And, I am sprawled out on a beach chair reading my favorite book "Springtime In Magnolia", of course. There's a gentle breeze blowing.....

                                       and in the distance, sailboats dot Long Island Sound. 

A gull keeps watch over the motor boats closer to the shore. Perhaps someone will drop a crumb of bread or two. 

It's a peaceful place. I am glad I am here.

Wish you were here, too,


Thursday, August 20, 2015

# 4 of My New York Trip

Back from another trip... this one overnight but I want to continue on with my recent New York trip. Will tell you about this latest one a bit later.

Daughter Shirley left and headed back to Virginia leaving me to finish out my visit with the New York kids. After lunch (and a big nap for me... I mean I have been one busy gal and need my beauty rest) it was time to pick up grandson T. at camp. The kids were putting on a play. He didn't want to be in it but we all enjoyed their production of "Pinnochio".  Just see how entranced T. is....

 The kids were cute, you gotta admit.

That night we drove over to the Bronx Zoo to attend a fundraiser put on by the Cardinal McCloskey Community Services group. It was "Let's Zumba At The Bronx Zoo". It was to benefit adults who have autism and other disabilities. The zoo was closed so we didn't see anything but the seals who were swimming in a pool near where the event was held. 
below is grandson T. He's gonna have a birthday in Oct. and will be 8. 

Here are my daughter, Susan and her handsome son, Griffin. 

We finished out the evening watching Susan and Owen "doing the zumba". 

Another wonderful day with family.


Monday, August 17, 2015

#3 of my New York Trip

On day three we girls headed into the quaint little village of Rye, New York. 

We are hungry and we know just the place we want to go!! Le Pain Quotidien, a little French pasterie that serves such healthy food. Everything on the menu was enticing. How could we ever choose? We haven't had breakfast yet so I got the California omelet with a side salad and a glass of refreshing mint lemonade. 

I love their pastries. Bought two lemon filled croissants to munch on later! Can't think about my weight right now!! Not with goodies like that around.

We had the most fun watching people oogling and eyeing this car while we ate. Oh, is oogle a word? Anyway, we were doing our fair share of looking, as well. I'd love to take just one ride in that car! Wouldn't you? 

After breakfast, on to Rye Country Store. Gotta love that place. It's jammed packed with all sorts of good things to eat and fun things to shop for. 
A look at the pizza in the cooler.....

Arriving back at the house we were greeted by a dove sitting atop the weeping cherry tree. You know me and birds... I couldn't pass this photo op up? 

I love her hydrangeas... Aren't they pretty?

If you missed any of my trip to date click on the links to read about day one and day two. 
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