Thursday, July 2, 2015

Five Thoughts


I am about to hop into bed. It's Thursday night, early, but I am sleepy so I made my Willy Nilly post early so I can have it ready to roll for Friday!! But, Tanya is in the process of moving from her home to a new one and took the month of July off. So, no Willy Nilly for a whole month. But, there is Five On Friday which is a fantastic meme and in the same theme.  

1. I lost a friend last night. Her name was Tammy. She came to work for us as a caregiver/housekeeper when Elbert was so sick. She was a little bitty thing but she managed my 6' 2" hubby just fine. She became part of the family. Her life was cut way too short. She was only 55. But, you see, she smoked. After her lung cancer was diagnosed she quit for a little while. And, then she started smoking again. She just could not give those cigarettes up. I hope her daughters and the grandchildren have learned to not do as Grandma did but do as she would have wished them to do. We'll miss her. Bless her heart... 

2. I occasionally get compliments on my headers. I like trying new things and as soon as I discovered Picmonkey I just had a ball. Right now I have a large folder of headers already made up and ready to use. I'm glad you like them 'cause I have fun doing them.

3. I am watching the osprey nest very closely. There just seemed to be strange things going on, up there on top of that cell tower. Lots of wing flapping, birds sitting on posts not on the nest. So, I get out my journal from 2014 and there on page July 4, 2014 I read where I had witnessed the mama osprey teaching the baby to fly. They are right on cue this year. And, once the baby flies, the family will disappear until next spring. 

4. Leslie kept after me about needing some new pants. No, it's the other way around. I kept after Leslie that he needed new pants, some a tad longer in the leg, maybe. That man's pants were ... oh, what is it that the saying used to be 'treading high water'. So, we went today and now he has three new pair of pants size 32x30, not 32x29, thanks to me. For those of you who don't know... Leslie is my gentleman friend. Evidently his late wife used to do the shopping!!!

5. The previous post was about a corn on the cob/4th of July party I had in my apartment. If you'd like to read about it click HERE . I had some good comments. Some wanted to know if that corn was good and Yes, it was. Leslie 'roasted' it in the microwave while I got the other food ready. I am in love with fixing it in the microwave. I just whack off each end of an ear. Be sure you cut the bottom off up to where you can see a few kernels. Pull off the outer shucks but leave the newer ones on the corn. Wrap it in a piece of paper towel and zap it for 2 minutes.  Since we had several to do and we were doing one at a time, the cooked ear (wrapped in paper towel) was placed on a cookie sheet and covered with a towel. We did a dozen that way. And, one of the guest was 20 minutes late and would you believe it.... that corn was so piping hot that I could scarcely hold it to pull the rest of the shucks off and then roll the paper towel around it to rid it of silks. Oh they were good alright. Butter, salt. Yum. 
                                                                                                         Have a Happy and Safe 4th


It's been ages since I had 'company' over for dinner! I had even slowed down, and I mean slowed way down on invitations that I extended even toward my family. During Elbert's illness it became a way of life for me to just do what had to be done and nothing extra.

After he was gone, I stayed in that mind-set. I'd tell myself, I am just getting older and can't cook for a bunch of people. "My back would hurt", I'd say. Or, since I moved into my apartment "I don't have room".

I let myself get into a real rut. It was some CORN that brought me to my senses!

Yep, I said, CORN. The kind you eat. Good ole Silver Queen white corn, fresh from the field. Yum.

The Stephensons Farm in Wakefield always have a trailer of corn sitting out on Hwy. 460 along about the last of June, first part of July. 

So, I got this big idea, drove up and bought 24 ears.

I had invited some friends that I have here at the Commons apartment complex to an early 4th of July apartment picnic of sorts.

All of a sudden I got excited and full of energy. I decorated some (don't have a lot of stuff to decorate with here). 

Three of the gals offered to contribute to the menu and we were in business.

It was so much fun. And, now, we are talking about doing it on a regular basis.

The point... growing old should not limit our social contact with family and friends. Being with friends, enjoying good fellowship and eating good food (and corn) lifts our spirits, makes us feel useful, needed and yes, younger. Try it. It works.

                                                                             Stay happy, stay young,

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Pink At Midnight

                                                             It's midnight.

"What you doing up at this hour?" I ask myself.

"Oh, nothing much. Couldn't sleep. I guess I will visit with my blogging buddies awhile. I wonder if they are awake, too?"

Never mind.. we can reach each other whenever we want, over time, space and thought waves.

                                                      That's the neatest thing ever.

I appreciate so much all you gals (and a few guys, too) who have come to mean so much to me over these last few years of jotting down my thoughts, sharing my pictures while I Live Life On Main Street. So, we'll just spend a bit of midnight hour together, if you don't have anything better to do.

I wonder if Denise is awake? She's an English Girl who rambles. I thought she and I would share some flowers with our friends who can't sleep tonight. Join us at Today's Flowers and we'll wander among the gardens and smell the blossoms. Maybe we will pick a few to enjoy tomorrow. And, don't forget Beverly at Pink Saturday. We'll stop by there, too.

Peonies just outside my door in Wakefield.

Petunias in my window box. Geez, I miss that window box!

My sweet little miniature pink rose. 

Since I now live in an apartment it's sort of a trip down memory lane to see these pictures. I do love flowers, don't you? 

Well, time to wrap this up and crawl back into bed. Hope I didn't keep you up too long tonight!!


Thursday, June 25, 2015

It's Purple

It's been quite a week... and the week isn't over yet. What will come up next?

It has been record heat here. Maybe it just sort of fried my brain so I can't think. Nothing much rattling around in there so for Willy Nilly Friday and Five on Friday I am going to share my favorite color with you. I hope you like the pictures I chose. Do you like purple? Some people don't.

First of all just let me say.....

2nd. As a child, I loved to color. In fact, I still do... and purple is my favorite crayola to pick up and turn the paper into magic. I noticed the other day on pinterest that someone had a board of coloring designs for adults. I think I should get me some of those.

3rd. This one I am not sure about. I love tulips, yes, I do. But, purple ones? Not so sure about that!

4th. My daughter had purple and silver as the color scheme for my 80th birthday party. I love a party, don't, you?

5th. These leaves are so velvety looking, I wish I had pots and pots of them on my balcony. 

Have a great weekend. Stay cool, do something fun. Always be true to yourself.