Thursday, January 29, 2015


Talk about a perfect time for 'C' for the ABC Wednesday meme

I am running late but it couldn't be helped. I have been in Tennessee attending my brother-in-law's funeral. Wonderful man. He's gonna be missed greatly.

I received a lot of terrific photographs that a couple friends took during Elbert's (that's my husband) military funeral. After it all was over and things had settled down I realized what a treasure those pictures were. So, now, I try to do the same for others.

CAMERA in hand I took snapshots at the gravesite. On my way back to Virginia I took some other pictures. When I inserted the CARD into the COMPUTER I knew that there was a CALAMITY  in my midst. There was not one single picture on my CAMERA. Nothing... nada.... zilch. What had happened!!!

But, my CARING and amazing son-in-law, John, CAME to my rescue. He downloaded a program of some sort and found those errant pictures.

Tip to Photographers!! Okay, most of you probably know this but I am slow!

If there are pictures you don't want to lose, download to COMPUTER as soon as possible. And, handle that CAMERA with care until you do. I am just saying....

Take it from me....

Friday, January 23, 2015

Weather and Birds

My Word, I almost forgot Willy-Nilly Friday Friday and Critters Saturday.

Did you forget to join it? It may not be too late.

So, 5 things (random, huh?). Maybe I can come up with that. And, I do have some critters to share, too.

1. First of all I just want to say that foggy mornings make me nervous. Too many people out on the road that can't see where they are going. Why we had fog the other morning... I have no idea but this is what I saw as I drew back the blinds on the sliding glass doors to look out at my world. Not much to see...

2. I got a call this morning. Our group of wannabe Wii bowlers are meeting for the first time to 'practice' our talents. That is so funny.... talent.... I have been real life bowling once in my lifetime and never with Wii. Oughta been interesting to say the least.

3. I was tickled the other day to spy all three kinds of birds out on my pond. I call it MY pond but it actually is part of our apartment complex. I bet I get more enjoyment out of it than any of the other residents. Anyway, on or near the bank nearest my apartment were 3 ducks, 2 geese, 1 heron. Cute.
Oh shoot, I cut the other two ducks out of the picture but I swear... there were 3. Honest.

4. I was nearly asleep on my couch the other day (I am known to take afternoon naps) and caught the movement of something outside. It was a hawk settling himself onto a top branch in the pine tree across the parking lot. I sure hope he builds a nest for himself and his mistress so I can watch them a lot. But, who knows. Maybe he just needed a place to catch his breath while he flew around.

5. I just hate the thought of bad weather coming back to the northeast. I've got family living there. I surely did enjoy those warm days we had here in Va. recently. I even sat my potted geraniums out to catch a tad of sunshine.

You all take care, stay warm ... it's just 8 weeks to spring.


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Mr. Blue Jay

                      It's Wednesday... as some people say 'hump day' but I say ABC day.

                         Go over to ABC WEDNESDAY and check out what's going on.

                                                                  It's "B" day....

For my selection I am choosing the nasty BLUE JAY. Mean little rascal, that's what they are, but look how colorful. And, oh, they can be noisy and annoying.

All the years I lived in Wakefield I never saw a blue jay but once.  I certainly have never seen one here at the apartment. So, I am happy I got a picture of the one I did see.


Sunday, January 18, 2015

A Trip To Kroger

You'd think we were going to Neiman Marcus in Chicago or Bloomingdales in New York the way we girls were so excited. Nope...

There was a van of about a dozen of us heading to the brand-spanking new Kroger Super Store in North Suffolk.

When I lived in Alabama there was a medium sized grocery store about 10 miles from home. That is, until Wal-Mart moved into town, lock, stock and barrel and all of a sudden we had a huge store to shop in.

Then we moved to Wakefield and the large grocery stores were 25 or 30 miles away. Oh, heck, wait a minute. I forgot the Food Lion in Windsor 18 miles from the house. Still quite a jaunt.

But, now I've moved to the 'city' where I have my pick of grocery stores, large and small within a short distance. Food Lion is now about 3 blocks from my apartment. So, you'd think I was plenty satisfied... No, I wanted to see that big new Kroger... so I joined the rest of the gals from The Commons and we headed for a bunch of fun and shopping.

Oh my... what a feast for sore eyes... walking into that place and everywhere I looked was fresh, beautiful fruit and vegetables.

And, shelf after shelf of every imaginable thing you could think of. The most gorgeous flowers

 and even jewelry.  Among other things, I bought some yummy roasted vegetables

 and a container of ready-to-eat cheese-broccoli soup.

I'd run into one of the gals from time to time. We all were lost in that big place, didn't know where to find anything but we'd help each other, pointing out where we found this item or that. When we crawled back in the van we all were pumb tuckered out. But, we were a happy bunch. I'll be going back. That cheese-broccoli soup was to die for.

Do you have a favorite grocery store? My favorite was Farm Fresh until I went to Kroger the other day.