Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Osprey

I always enjoy watching the osprey that nest atop a cell tower just across the pond from me. 

  It is hard to snap a picture of them in flight but I have gotten a couple.

          And, this one with a fish in his claw. He's ready for dinner. 

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Friday, July 15, 2016

This and That

1. My heart aches for those people in Nice, France. I just don't know what this world is coming to. With the elections coming up, we all need to be in prayer and also do some soul-searching about who we want our leader to be. 

2. Let me tell you about a weird experience I had at lunch the other day. Our group of 15 from our apartment building went to a restaurant for lunch. The service was very slow. I ordered a chicken salad but everyone else got an entree with sides. They all got their plates FINALLY.  All but me. When I finally flagged down the waitress she brought my salad out. I picked up a strip of chicken, put it between my teeth and pulled.... and pulled harder..... and pulled harder. It was like I had a strip of leather in my mouth. So, I gave the dish back to the waitress. Do you want to order something else? she asks. No, everyone else is about finished. So, I got an empty plate and people shared their lunch with me, fish from one, salad from another, hushpuppies from another. At least I got something to eat!!

3. It is hotter than blazes here!! Was 99 degrees when I came out of the grocery store yesterday.
Needless to say, my A C has run none stop.

4. My poor little petunias are suffering in this heat. This is an earlier picture taken when the weather was cooler and my flowers were doing better. 

5. Wish I could stay inside today... and just visit with all of you but my cupboards are nearly bare. A person does have to eat... so, off to the store I go. Have a great weekend. Stay cool, stay safe. 

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

In The Good Ole Summertime

Oh my, my taste buds go into overdrive in anticipation of the wonderful food available in the summertime. Don't you just love it!!

Every spring I can't wait for plants to flower and then give us fruits and veggies. You know, you are suppose to eat lots of fruits and vegetables. That's what my Mama always said and Mama knew what she was talking about. 

The first thing I look forward to are the strawberries. I could eat a peck of those things, everything from the juicy red fruit swimming in milk and sugar to a very special Strawberry Pizza that I make. Sadly the strawberries are gone now. 

But... the sweet corn is in. Not just any corn will do. It's got to be Silver Queen and I know where to buy it fresh from the field. We just had steamed corn on the cob for three nights in a row. Oh, my goodness... I have to get back to the corn stand and buy some more. 

Summer would not be summer without ripe, red tomatoes and those are plentiful right now. Don't give me those tasteless things ripened in a hothouse. They just won't do. I want tomatoes picked off a vine, local grower. I slather some mayo on white bread, pile on the sliced tomato, salt and pepper generously. Not, that's just as good as it gets!

And, watermelon, especially sweet juicy, ice-cold watermelon. 

I gotta shut up, folks. My mouth is watering just thinking about all those yummy things.... and I haven't even had breakfast this morning.