Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Pleasant Ride in The Country

It was a rare glorious day today. After a long, cold winter it was time to get outside. So, Leslie and I headed out ... to mail a package I said. Six hours later we came dragging back home, having had a wonderful time but totally worn out. 

First of all was that infernal package!! The post office here is a bear to deal with so I thought we'd just drive to a small town nearby where we could pop in, mail the thing and be on our way. But, the post office was closed. Have you your life.... seen a post office closed during working hours? Huh? Well, I hadn't either. But, the note on the door said that the computer was down so they just locked the doors. 

We continued on to the next town (the town I had moved from last year) and visited for a few minutes with family, ate a wonderful lunch at the Virginia Diner and mailed that package. Finally!!

What to do with the rest of this fabulous day? The sun was bright , it was in the mid 60s. Can't go home in weather like that!! Now, can we?

So, we hopped on the Jamestown Ferry. On the trip over the James River we were entertained a bus load of school children on a holiday. They were like a can of worms, all over the place and there was lots of picture taking going on....

Right after we landed on the Jamestown side of the water, I turned onto the Colonial Parkway for a leisurely, calm and educational ride along the River. We stopped at historical markers. Here are a couple of them. Double click to enlarge so you can read them.

We loved the beautiful, tall grass in Mill Creek waving in the breeze. Don't ask me what kind it is. It looked sort of like sea oats but I am sure it isn't. 

The leaves are not out yet. And, we saw almost no wildlife. Just this bird in a tree and a couple of robins hopping along the roadside. (I was driving so no pics of the robins)

There were lots of pine trees. 

And gnarled, bare roots.

We even came across a dairy farm

And, beautifully designed brick bridges. 

Finally the road came to an end. We retraced our journey along the parkway, got on the ferry and headed home. 

I just had to stop by Farmer Joe's Nursery and Gift Shop. I love that place but today I didn't find anything to purchase. Maybe next time. I really did like that flower arrangement. Don't you think I need to go back and get it? Say yes, please!

Our final stop was at Smithfield Ice Cream Shoppe. No pictures!! I was too busy eating to think about my camera. 


Monday, March 23, 2015

Down Memory Lane

Just 'cause they say it's Spring, that doesn't mean a thing... Oh, that rhymned. Since I am clever this early on Monday morning, I wonder if I will be all week long. Nope, don't think so. I am already struggling with putting a post together. Along with a ton of other things.

So., I will start with this....

I can't get organized lately. Just piddling around, starting one thing, then laying it aside and looking for something else. Do you suppose it's because I know what I should be doing.... Spring cleaning.... and that is my way of putting it off? 

It's not that I am getting lazy. No, no. But, just think of all the times I have cleaned and cooked and shopped over the years. And, it's still to do!! What do they say.. a man's work is from sun to sun, a woman's work is never done. 

At this juncture of my life I just want to play!! 

I have been a lifelong scrapbooker. When I was young my scrapbook pages were pasted with newspaper clippings, ticket stubs, even paper placemats from establishments of the eating persuasion. 

I dragged out one of my two remaining scrapbooks last night. Page after page of so little importance, just junk, But, occassionally I'd find a gem.. Like this....
A newspaper article from when my husband and I (along with our eldest daughter and her family) went to New York to help Lady Liberty celebrate her 100th birthday! We hooked up with our youngest daughter and her boyfriend (now her husband) and did the town.

We went to South Street Seaport and caught a sightseeing boat to tour the harbor. There the Statue was, didn't look 100 years old. That's my hubby in the white shirt.

We saw the tall ship parade up the Hudson River and were serenaded by a high school choir singing patriotic songs. 

We ate in little cafes and wandered the streets amid the thongs of people who were there for the 4th of July event.Over 20,000 boats jammed the harbor to see the fireworks. Our oldest daughter's family witnessed that from the air as they flew back to Florida. 

It was an exciting weekend. 

I also found this. 
Our invitation to our friend, Guy Hunt's inauguration as Governor of Alabama. 

That was an exciting time for us, attending a special church service, seeing the swearing in ceremony and parade that followed, and later going to the ball.

Well, I guess I have bored you to tears so I think I will go start some of that cleaning I have been putting off. But, looking back, remembering those special times in our lives was fun. Do you have special memories that you like to drag from your memory store from time to time to enjoy? I bet you do. 

Friday, March 20, 2015

My Friday Five


I can't believe another week has gone by and it has been a busy one . Lots to share today on Tanya's Willy Nilly Friday and Random 5 Friday .  Come along with me and let's do some catching up.

1. It's SPRING... you all. I am loving it. 

2. I went clothes shopping Wednesday. Hadn't done that in soooo long!! Can't wait to go somewhere so I can wear something new. Or.... I could just wear something new around the house. You with me there?

3. What's with the weather? 80 one day, 40 the next. Crazy stuff going on.

4. Lunch out with my daughter was fun. Remember I had been in search of a great chicken salad sandwich and couldn't find one?  Well, I got it... just look.

5. How can a 4 year old beat the stuffings out of me playing a game on Kindle? 
Easy, that's how.

                                                                                                Have a great weekend...

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Ospreys fly

For the past week I have been watching the osprey get settled back in their nest (from last year). I wonder if they had to do any remodeling? And, if you follow me you probably saw where the cell tower workmen had the birds 'up in the air' literally for two days while repairs were made to the tower. 

I have this aging piece of newspaper in my hand, as I speak. I saved it from Nov. of last year just so I could share the info with you when the osprey came back this spring.

Well, today is the day! It's Learn About Osprey Day!!

Did you know that osprey fly to South America every fall? The birds fly about 2,500 miles in about three weeks only stopping once or twice to rest and feed. They are guided by the stars and smells and wind. 

The female and male mate for life. But, one day every Fall the female will just take off by herself. No warning, no preparation. Doesn't even pack a bag!! She just leaves. A couple days later the male finally figures out that she isn't just out 'shopping' for food, that she's gone for the winter so he takes off, too. They don't spend their winters together, either. A friend of mine said that that's why they probably last a lifetime as a couple. They don't vacation together. 

In early March one of the birds will return to their nest. The ones I get to observe daily is atop a cell tower just beyond the pond at the apartment complex. 

(binoculars and camera zoom help with the distance).  
my daughter with the binoculars

I saw one return and then a couple days later I saw the two of them together. 

Yesterday Leslie and I witnessed a fight. A male was trying to 'move in' on the couple and got chased off. 

If the birds build on cell towers (evidently their favorite place) they build the nest on the southwest corner so that when the chicks learn to fly they take off into the prevailing winds. Last year I watched the chicks being fed and grow and one day I saw one of the parents take a chick for a flying lesson. I assume it was the mom. She flew along with the chick but kept a distance, giving it plenty of room to learn on it's own but close enough if things went wrong. She's dive this way and that encouraging the chick to follow along. That was pretty cool. 
two chicks in the nest with one of the parents

An osprey is about 2 feet long with a wingspan of five feet. They can dive up to 3 feet deep into water to grab fish and they carry their prey long ways instead of crossways like an eagle. It helps them fly better with a load. 

They live 15 to 20 years. So, it looks like I will get to observe this one couple living on the cell tower for probably as long as I live here. What a treat. In our area of Va. there are about 2,000 nesting couples who will do about 160,000 miles of migrating in their lifetimes. Now, that is a well-traveled pair! 

I hope you enjoyed your little lesson on ospreys. 

I have linked to Anni's The Bird D'Pot and Wild Bird Wednesday  Hope you will visit these sites to see more birds.

info on ospreys was taken from an article in the Suffolk News-Herald newspaper, written by Susan and Biff Andrews.