Friday, October 24, 2014

Wild Horses and Fences

It's Friday already but I am going to hope that Good Fences is still up and running. You ought to check that link out. Lots of fascinating fences for you to see.

My fences come from a tour of the Wild Horses in Corova, North Carolina that I took recently.

We drove along the beach for many miles ....

This is an old Coast Guard Station. Used by a realty company now but still maintains it's charm.

The wild horses have free range and ignore the fences surrounding the beach houses. Only 1/3 of the land is public with 2/3s privately owned, yet the horses really own it all!

Aren't they beautiful. These horses have been in this area for about 500 years. Well, not these specific horses but the off-spring of the originals continue to live here and are protected by the Corolla Wild Horse Fund.

Another beauty.

These horses accessed this yard by scooting past a protective wire 'gate'. They are allowed to do that, even get underneath any house that sits on stilts above the sand.

Only the fence post remain in this yard. Guess the people gave up trying to keep this mule from breaking through. I believe the guide said that this was the only mule here, left by someone who had brought in mules. It's not part of the original horse group.

It was a fun trip and one I thoroughly enjoyed. How often is it that we get to see wild horses? I was a bit put-off by the houses. I thought the horses would be out in the wild. And, some were. Later on I will post some more pictures of the horses, those I took that didn't have fences in them.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

More On Beach Week

So, what do 15 women do in a house by themselves..... at the beach, no less? They shop, go for long walks in the sand. They eat!! They play, they sightsee and they relax, watch movies and laugh.

That's what we have been doing for the past week. Just perfect, I'd say.

I compliment the owners on making their beach house feel like home and treating their 'guests' as family. In this picture we had already started setting up workstations for the scrapbookers.

By the windows, of course... and how it looked as we worked.

There was a great pool for water aerobics, swimming, splashing...

And, diving into the water with your clothes on, to do a bit of synchronized swimming.

Our table decorations for dinner one night... after all, Halloween is near.

We watched some amazing sunrises ( Don't pass out....yes, I was up by sunrise!!)

and an equally beautiful sunset.


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Our House At The Beach

What a week at the beach!!

We stayed in this house. There were about 15 of us, some staying the entire week, some for a few days. We couldn't have asked for a better house, better friends, better view. It was all just perfect.
                                                (photo taken by Kendra Hinkle, my niece)

Shirley and I had a second floor bedroom. Very spacious and comfy.

It overlooked the ocean..........

Our kitchen was top of the line with two large refrigerators, two dishwashers, double sink, bar, island.... Each of us cooked one meal (breakfast was on your own) so most of the time we got to eat some good cooking and didn't have to spend time in the kitchen to do it.

Shrimp and Grits
Seafood fettucine and bacon-wrapped asparagus
A deli bar for one of our lunches
This little porch was just off the kitchen and was a perfect place to relax, make phone calls and sip a little wine while you watched the sun set over the sound.

The house was decorated beautifully.

And, the perfect place to scrapbook. My work station is just across the table from dau. Shirley. What a view!

Wish you all could have been with us. Maybe next time.....

Friday, October 10, 2014

A Week Off

Pardon me while I take a week off. I'm headed to the beach with a bunch of gal pals. Sure wish all of you could come along. Wouldn't that be fun!!