Saturday, July 19, 2014

It's Just a Rocking Chair.

That graphic depicts just how I feel today. Wanting friends to drop by, sit a spell, chat. I might even fix you some tea.

Feeling in the rocking chair mood this Saturday. Of course, there's no room for my wonderful rocking chair in this apartment. Phooey. But, she surely did serve me well over the years. Back when I wasn't old and needing a rocking chair. hehe. Here I am in said chair looking at a picture album.

I found this rocker at an estate sale in Alabama. Elbert could not figure out why I just had to have it. But, he ended up enjoying it for years to come. In 2008 he rocked his latest grandson in that rocker.
Another grandson liked that chair as well. He could sit comfortably even while holding his Mom.
Yes, that chair holds lots of memories. Hmmm.... I think I will see if there is one spot in this apartment that needs it. I sure hope so.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wednesday's Thoughts

This 'down-sizing', or whatever you want to call it, that I have been doing never seems to end. I still have STUFF in my old house that I need to clean out but man, it's hot weather and I hate hot weather. I just keep putting off all that hard, sweaty work.

I know I need to sell that place. It's not much fun on my pocketbook (oh lordy, how long has it been since I heard that term) keeping up two places. And, I sure would love to just be settled into the apartment and not have to worry about anything else.

My wonderful daughter, Shirley, put my left-over furniture on Craig's list and has sold most of it. Oh, there's an odd floor lamp or two, a mirror or two, a rocker (dang, I hate to get rid of that rocker). Maybe it not being bought, it's trying to tell me something. Shirley has packed and dragged out and arranged and fixed... without her that house would still be full!!

It's the funniest thing, too. I don't miss all that STUFF. I am doing so well with what I was able to bring with me. Life sure is funny, isn't it? We think we have to have possessions and then those things began to possess us. I feel a real sense of freedom.

I hope all of you finish out the week with a smile on your face and hope in your heart.
                                                                                                                      Love You                  

Friday, July 11, 2014

Willy-Nilly Friendship

             I think...

I don't work so why should I care if it is Friday or not? The feeling seems to be a hangover from days gone by when we had to watch the clock and the calendar. Now, not so much.

Today I am linking with Tanya at Willy-Nilly Friday  and with Friendship Friday .  Come over and join in the fun.

1. For the past two days we have had severe thunderstorms. The rain was so heavy it was hard to see my lake. I call it MY lake but of course it belongs to the apartment complex. During weather like we've had it is so nice to know that I have friends nearby if I need them.

2. I enjoyed sharing my meal of General Tso's chicken with a friend at China Moon. He even gave me his fortune cookie! Now, I have two fortunes to look forward to!

3. Imagine my surprise at being served by a COW..
            yep, I was at Chick-fil-a when a cow took my order making the old saying
                                                                   'Eat More Chicken' take on a whole new meaning.

4. I have a furry friend. You see, they won't let you have bird feeders at the apartment 'cause they make too big of a mess'.  I am used to feeding the birds year round so that was a let down. Instead I took up feeding the squirrel that lives in the woods behind my apartment. I place a handful of cracked corn and sunflower seeds on the walking trail. Mr. Squirrel is so happy and so am I.

5. We all need a helping hand from time to time. My 3 year old great-grandson climbed up in the maple tree in my (former back yard and then discovered that it looks so far down to the ground. Help, Nana!



Thursday, July 10, 2014

Snakes and bears and bats, oh my.

I guess we all have something creepy, crawly that we detest. For me it is snakes!! I'd run a country mile to get away from one.

One of my daughters (who shall remain nameless ha ha) can not even look at a picture of a bear, much less the real thing. So, one time I bought her a bear bookmark. I'm such a sweet mommy.

You are wondering how I got off on this scary subject? Well, this morning I opened the apartment door to set my garbage out beside it (they pick it up at your door, folks. How cool is that?).

As I turned to go back in the apartment I saw something out of the corner of my eye. A leaf stuck to my front window screen? After all we did have a bad rain/wind storm yesterday evening so anything flying through the air could have landed there. Nope... it was a BAT... yep, that's what I said, a bat.

Of course, I ran and got my camera. How often are you up close and personal with a dang bat? So, I posted it on facebook and my granddaughter (who shall also remain nameless) sent a comment that she had no comment... only goose bumps. She's as afraid of bats as her mother is of bears.

Now, if I see a snake up on this third floor... or a bear. I am checking outta this place!

I think all kinds of critters like these should be behind a fence. What do you think?

I am linking with Good Fences