Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Picking Peanuts

It's Rubbish Tuesday 

TA DA...

Don't you think this old peanut picking equipment that sits outside the Plantation Peanuts Shop in Wakefield, Va. would qualify as Rubbish!

I wonder how many lbs. of peanuts that thing picked in it's heyday.

                                                                You all have a peanut-picking happy week, you hear.


Sunday, September 28, 2014

More from Williamsburg

And, on we go... more pictures from Williamsburg.

                           I know, you are asking, 'Will she ever stop?' 

                                                               Yep, pretty soon, I promise.

                       There is just something that compels me to take pictures of gulls on pylons.
                          (I am certain that isn't the correct name.. somebody tell me what it is!!)
                                    And, old wooden benches are begging me to sit down for a spell.

                             Once upon a time I met a friar/monk in a garden. He was reading his Bible.

                                                       I love this rooster weather vane!

                    I had to leave my vehicle in the parking lot. No cars allowed at this hitching post.

                                    You have no idea how tempted I was to get Leslie to take a
                                     picture of me in the stocks.  But, I resisted the urge.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Farewell to Summer and to Linwood

Here I go.....

                 With Five Random Thoughts on Friday.

                                      Gonna hook up with Tanya for her Willy-Nilly Friday meme. Thanks, Tanya.

#1. It's wonderful to have a nice, clean apartment building but the chemicals that the guys are using for the power washing, of said building, is playing havoc with my sinuses.

#2. I recall saying (not too many months ago) that I didn't think I would go back to the beach for a week of scrapbooking. My excuse... I said I was getting too old!! Imagine me saying that. Whatever came over me. True I am the oldest, by far, of the scrapbookers but here I am, counting off the days until we go again... Oct. 11th, here I come.
#3. Summertime is almost gone. I don't HATE summer, just the hot temps, so it makes me a little sad. But, YEAH.... Fall is right around the corner!
#4. Yesterday we had a BIG Shingdig here at The Commons. Our head of maintenance retired and around 70 people came to wish him well. The staff furnished fried chicken while the residents brought 'pot luck'. Great food, great fellowship. The pictures are of a few of the residents and then Linwood Wiggins giving his little speech of farewell.

#5. I guess this little cartoon says it all
Bye You All....
See you in a few days.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Horse Sense Behind A Fence

Thursday is Good Fences so what better day than this to post the rest of my Williamsburg fences.

I hope all of you are having a great week. Mine has been filled to the brim so far...

I'd posted pictures of the horses before so here is what keeps them at bay. You can tell that the fences are old and somebody needs to fix that fallen part. But, at least it gave me a clear shot at the horse.
I love this old fence. So pretty.
I surely am glad I am on THIS SIDE of the fence!!
It's a BIG pasture to hold BIG horses!
I don't know how many of you know that Marie over at It's A Colorful World is my daughter. She lives a long way from me, all the way out in Arizona, so she has such an interesting blog from such an interesting part of the country. If you haven't visited her, perhaps you should hop on over there and check her blog out.
And, on another note.... I don't ever use my blog for political opinions and this is not political. My husband served in the Navy for 22 years. And, to see 'their Commander In Chief' (our current president) dishonor our military with that half-...... salute just makes me boiling mad. It's all over the news as it should be but there won't be a thing done to change things. It's a sorry state of affairs! Now, I've said my piece so I will shut up.