Monday, September 15, 2014

An Old House

It's  RUBBISH TUESDAY  If you have time, you should check them out.

For my entry I wanted to share this old picture of a house (the one on the left). This house was built in 1917 and was owned by a few people before my husband and I bought it in 1999. Some changes had been made to the original place. The porch was removed, a sun room added to the area outside the picture frame to the left and a den in the back.

My house is on the market now and some other somebody will get to enjoy it. Here is how it looks today.
                                   Enjoying the 'older' things in life,

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Eat Your Veggies

I meant to post this next Monday but hit the wrong button. So, it's here early. Sorry.

I was raised on Southern Fried Chicken. Nothing better in this world.
photo from

I just wanted to make that statement before I launch this post on Monday's 'Living to be 100' thingy that I decided to do.

So, in that case, I may not make it to 100 because.....

Today's tip is on Eating Vegetarian.

Did you know that Vegetarians generally have fewer degenerative diseases (and cancers) than those who devour meat?  It's true that 1/3 of all  cancer patients got their cancer because they did not have sufficient whole plant fiber in their diets.

I know that I probably would not have had colon cancer if my digestive system had been in better shape. It was a problem all my life and at age 68 I was told I had cancer. I needed surgery and chemo. Gee, I wish I had eaten more fiber, more veggies. It would have been a whole lot less painful or scary.

The book suggests making eating meat a treat instead of a habit. And, I am doing that more and more. Let's see what happens.

On a lighter note:

I want to recommend a lovely blog that I follow. I hope you will like it, too.

It's Lisa's A Cottage To Me at 

The blog is full of interesting events she and hubby have encountered while restoring an old house. There's lots of great d├ęcor, gardening and antiquing ideas. Pay her a visit. I bet she'd be tickled pink.

Friday, September 12, 2014

From Yard Sales to Scrapbooking

It's sort of a Willy-Nilly Friday so go on over to Tanya's meme and check things out.

As for me,

1. We had a ton of rain a couple of days this week. Streets were flooded, cars stranded. What a mess.

2. Yesterday was the anniversary of 9-11. Our country was attacked by terrorists. And, we are still being threatened. We are surrounded by evil, it seems.

3. Last Saturday my daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren helped me put on a yard sale. Actually, they did all the work.. I supervised. Was finding a home for the rest of my household stuff. Moving sure does make you take stock and clean out.

4. I am feeling a bit under the weather! Can't put my finger on it, but it sure put it's finger on me!

5. I'm counting down to Oct. 11th... a bunch of us gals will go to the beach to scrapbook for an entire week. My dau. Shirley is always my roommate and scrapbooking partner. I am sitting on READY!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Mending Fences

I thought this fence was interesting. Total privacy, blocking out the world beyond, but they took the time to carve little designs on top of each plank. I love the shadows of the 'tulip' tree that is cast on the wood. I am linking today with Theresa at Good Fences

Thought you might enjoy this poem about fences.