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November 15, 2014
The shipment of books arrived at my house. I am ready to fill orders. See my sidebar for information if you would like to have a copy for yourself. And, Thanks.

August 25 2014

It has been quite a journey, getting this dang book ready for print. First one thing and then another. But, it is all ready except for the book description and bio that go on the back of the book cover. That description is harder to write than the entire book was! But, soon. I can't wait.


June 2014

The manuscript is finally in the hands of the design team at CreateSpace Publishing company. There were a lot of little glitches along the way but I am very happy to have it finished and turned over for publication. It should be ready for sale in about 8-10 weeks. I can't wait.

Jan. 2014

My book is being edited and proof read. I have a publisher and once the manuscript is in the publisher's hands it will take approximately 3-4 months before it will be ready to sale. I will keep you posted on here about it's progress.


I started dabbling in writing when I was in the 8th grade but it was silly, childish little stories and I set them aside to raise my family of 3 daughters and a son.

Fast forward to age 70ish. I had a book inside me just bursting to be put on paper. I am not a writer, my vocabulary is limited and I have trouble with putting down a lot of vast detail but I had a story and I wanted to tell it. If it only was for my family to read, so be it, but perhaps others would read it as well.

The book is about a couple who meet in the mid 1920s in a small town, Magnolia, Mississippi. Tom's a traveling salesman out of Texas, Mary a sales clerk in a dress shop.  Tom gives up his traveling to come back and woo Mary's heart. They marry and settle down on a small farm outside of town. Janie, their daughter, is born then comes Sammy. He's a sickly little lad and soon passes away. The Depression hits the country and Tom must leave the family to find work wherever he can. Mary is left to care for the farm and Janie and her little brother, Jimmy. Mary has a great difficulty dealing with the death of Sammy and rants at God for His not saving her son. She stops going to church and withdraws from people. It's a long, hard struggle but a dream helps her to see how much she needs her faith and her family.

The book starts with a chapter of Janie (grown and having just heard that the love of her life, Will, has been lost at sea during a battle in the Pacific during WWII). Chapters are interspersed with Janie at this desperate time of her life with other chapters of her Mother telling Janie the story of their life and how they overcame tragedy.

The book has a surprise ending. 

I hope you will keep up with the progress of the book at this location. Thank you.



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