Wednesday, May 29, 2019

It's Goodbye

I believe that it was 2007 when I started my first blog. I have loved it all these years but....

It's time to move on. So much to do and the older I get, the behinder I get. That's an old Irish saying or something like that.

I have made such wonderful friends and it makes me sad that so many of you I won't be in contact with anymore.


I am on facebook

and I have two Instagram accounts: One is willielatane and the other is accidently_aging.

I sure hope you will come over and visit me.

Thank you all for all the wonderful visits we have had together, all the encouraging comments you have left, all the brightness you have given me when my days were dark...

You are the best! I love you! I will miss you!


my email address is

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

A Great View

I love a GREAT restaurant with a GREAT view. 

Such is Lone Cedar Cafe near Manteo, N. C. We got a waterfront table. The food was wonderful. I'd sure recommend it for anyone going in that direction. 

And, I had a window seat!! An osprey nest just about 40 or 50 ft. from me and what did I do? I left my camera back at the house we are staying at. I was just sick! My advice... don't ever leave home without your camera.

Sure, I had my cell phone. But, I prefer my Cannon sureshot.  Try taking pictures with a cellphone from that distance, through a window! But, I did enjoy my meal, most of it with me staring out the window while I chewed. 

There was a small pergola with feeders hanging from it and the birds were loving that. I saw some sort of black bird (I can never tell those apart), finches, red-wing blackbirds and more. Again, just sick that the camera was not with me. 

Here are some of the pictures i got.

She's on the nest....

Here comes hubby with a fish, just for her.

He sits guard while she eats.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Racing Go-Carts With Family

Monday it was the pool....

                                Tuesday it was go-cart riding. 

Another first time thing for me...

The gang takes to the track. The woman in car 23 isn't one of us! 

Look out, we are being passed. Step on the gas.

Car 12 is checking out their competion

Here we come around a curve, the wind in our hair, We are on a roll.

Finally, the cars slow down and it's time for our fun to stop.

The younger ones especially are sad it's over.

No. 26 isn't ready to quit just yet.

Oh... it's over.

And, here we come (Susan and me) down to the finish line.