Saturday, August 18, 2018

New York Wildlife

For Saturday Critters - Camera Critters 

Just a few pictures from my trip to my daughter's in New York. 

                                                                 Deer in her yard

                                                                                 A Toad

Susan and Ranger

                                                                 A bunny in the front yard

                                                                      Grandson's cat

A chipmunk waiting for a safe escape

                                                                         And a squirrel

Friday, August 17, 2018

Grocery Shopping Five

It's Friday....
Why did I say yippee? Every day is pretty much the same around here. I even forget what day it is sometimes. Do you do that, too? Happens when you don't have a work schedule and the kids are grown and gone from home. 

Oh, I said Yippee because it's Willy Nilly Friday Five day, that's what!

1. One morning while I was at Susan's in New York, we went to my favorite grocery store EVER....
     Those store owners know how to entice you to buy by their creative, neat displays. I think you 
     will agree with me when you see these pictures. 

An aroma that fills your nostrils, makes your mouth water. Just look at all those baked goods and that basket filled with baguettes. I had my tea ready, just waiting on my cream-filled pastry. We are going to eat our breakfast in the little sidewalk cafe. 

2. Have you ever seen a deli display look as inviting as this one? I wanted one of each...

3. The fruit looks ready for the picking...

4. I'd ever seen vegetables hung like that. You can see what you are choosing. Everything is so fresh.

5. The shopping done, Susan and I go outside and enjoy our breakfast. 

okay, I am going to be naughty.... I am joining a Friday Five linky.... but I have one more picture to share with you. Sorry.

This little sparrow got a large portion of my pastry. He was so cute and once I had finished eating, he gave me a 'what, no more food' look and hopped away in search of someone else's breakfast.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Special Lunches

I got settled in at Susan's, resting, reading, watching some tv, eating the yummiest Chinese food!! I can't get good Chinese where I live so this was extra special. The weather was nasty, rain, rain, rain. Plans we had were quickly abandoned. Surely the sun will come out soon.

Friday a friend (first a friend of Susan's but then she became my friend as well), a true Southern lady transported to Conn. of all places but she retains that southern charm and wit. I just love her. She invited us to her country club, Belle Haven, for a bit of lunch and for us to catch up on the latest gossip  news. We southern girls never gossip!! 

The club was a charming place. I loved this particular view. That water is Long Island Sound.

It seems I order chicken salad an awful lot. You just can't go wrong with that. But, I do try to experiment with different foods whenever I am in a new place. HOWEVER.... that curry chicken salad on the menu was very enticing.. so I ordered it. I was not sorry!

                                    Of course, we girls had to have our pictures taken before we left!! 

                                          Since I was the honored guest, I got to be in both of them!!
                                           Daughter Susan in top photo, friend Alease in bottom one.


Next day we went to lunch at the American Yacht Club with another of my young friends (borrowed from Susan). Again, a beautiful view and such fun. Andrea is so sweet and gentile. I just love her. So, talk over lunch was fun and entertaining. 

She suggested the Maine Lobster Roll. I've eaten lobster but never prepared like this so I am ready to try it. So happy I did. It was delicious. 

Just as we finished our meal, the rain stopped, the sun came out and we got an exciting view of New York City across Long Island Sound. A bit hazy but I was happy to get to see it. I love New York city. 

                                                   Other lovely views of our surroundings. 

                                                                              Of course, more pictures.

Sometimes it is just lunch that is the most special Little Thing that you are Thankful for. Please check out these too linkys to see other very interesting posts.