Saturday, September 22, 2018

No Peaches, Chocolate Will Have To Do!!

Michael and I headed out this morning. I had a hankering for some fresh peaches... guess what, Isom's did not have any. It's one week past peach season. So, he bought some Peach hot pepper jam. 

We always enjoy Isom's market. Fun place to visit and buy stuff. 

They had plenty of apples (did not buy any), sweet potatoes, (got some of those), and Michael bought this bottle of molasses.
My grandmother originated from Sand Mountain (North Alabama) so I thought that was pretty cool. 

There were lots of pumpkins, decorative corn, corn shucks,

and on the east side someone had a large collection of pumpkins for sale.

We continued on toward Madison where I had heard there was another market. S & J's. No peaches there either! So, I bought some squash. That will be good fried. 

No peaches, so we came back by Russell Stover Candy Factory. And bought chocolate instead. Pretty good swap-off I'd say.

Guess what we will be nibbling on during our football games this afternoon? 

Friday, September 21, 2018

Reading, Painting and Walter

Son Michael is back to work now after his vacation and I am filling my days best I can.
I am doing things I enjoy, like reading...
I am almost finished with "Incident At Big Sky", the true story about a young girl training for the biathelon in the Olympics. She is running the mountain trails in Montana when she is captured and held captive by a father and his son. She gets shot but survives. This happened in 1984. You may remember it... if you are old enough, that is! 

I am wandering about my son's house, finding things that intrigue me.
This is a piece of scrimshaw that was a gift to my husband several years ago. I don't know if it is true scrimshaw but it looks cool nevertheless. I would like to think that it is.

And, if you have ever seen Jeff Dunham, the ventriloquist, you know Walter.
I just love Walter.
This one talks if you push his button. Ha ha. 

I walk outside and enjoy my son's flowers. He knows how to grow things. This is a Rose of Sharon blossom.

Besides reading, I am writing another book, doing entries in my journal, trying to blog often, keeping up with my facebook friends, I have two instagram accounts. You really ought to check those out. One is accidently_aging and the other is willielatanebarton. I have fun doing those. And, I am still doing watercolors. 
This is yesterdays attempt at a swallowtail butterfly

Well, that's all for now, folks. The weekend is coming up. I am sure we will get into something or other while he's off work.
And, that means more things to enter in Tom's Willy Nilly Friday 

Wednesday, September 19, 2018


I am getting quite a collection of egret pictures in my blog file on my computer. I think I will just clear the whole batch out. So, here they are.

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