Monday, May 22, 2017

Growing Old Gracefully

I have always loved beautiful things! Objects, Places, Thoughts... I just want my life to be filled with beauty and peace. I am a very gentle person, growing up as an only child in a house full of adults. I had no playmates so I made my world the way I wanted it, out of my imagination, with what little I had. It was in the midst of the Great Depression and I had LITTLE. So, my dreams and play were filled with thoughts of flowing gowns, soft music, fabulous art and of course, a tall handsome man. I got the man! 

It is said that everyone you meet, every place you visit, everything that happens helps to shape who you are. I agree with that totally. As I have come to this place in my life (let's just say I'm over the hill) I look back on what has made me who I am and I am more than grateful for the opportunity to have had the life I have. 

Let me start with my dear sweet Mother (pictured here at age 92 and in a 'beauty' contest). She was one of the most gentle people I ever knew. I never ever in all her years heard her say one unkind word about anyone.  I miss you, Mom. 

 I've gotten to travel a lot over the years. I've seen and done things that most people don't get an opportunity to do. Well, at least it was a far stretch for this little gal from Alabama to do and see.

I always did love pretty things and I think that this picture taken at my daughter's house one Christmas is just perfect. It represents family (which I love) and food (which I love) and a beautiful setting (which I love). I guess I just love it all.

I am from the South. Although I was happy to leave Alabama, I have fond memories of so many things there, one of which is the scent of gardenias in the garden in the summertime. Oh, and wild honeysuckle, and chicken frying in the skillet.. 

I just love gates. I always wonder what is on the other side.
 I hope that I am...

Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday's Paint Party

           Here is this week's contribution to Paint Party Friday 

                           It's a watercolor I did of poppies.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Where Did Spring Go?

Where did Spring go? It seems to have gone from sweater weather to lickety-splitting hot!  It was 94 degrees as I drove home from town today at 2. 

                  It makes me want to sit on a rock and let the water fall splash mist on my face.

Or watch water rise from a fountain

Higher and higher. It looks cool.

Better still, go wading along the shore, the waves hitting my legs, washing away the heat.

Maybe take a dip in one of those fountains. That might get me in trouble.

And, summer isn't even here yet. Oh dear.

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