Friday, July 20, 2018

Food, Flowers and Fun

Why is it that I forget to make pictures of things I do lately and then I don't have them  to share with all of you? DUH, double DUH.... 

1. No picture... but I did call bingo last night for our residents game night. It sure is different being on that side of the cards!! I got some compliments on my calling so I guess I didn't mess up too badly.

2. Yesterday I received my first order of organic salad ingredients from a hydroponic farm here in Suffolk. I can't wait to make me a salad out of it....

The goat cheese was not grown in water.. hehe. The farm hooks up with a dairy here for that ingredient and those handsome, large avocados are shipped from an organic farm in California. Two kinds of greens (arugula and meslum) and the cucumbers are the Italian variety, just the right side for someone cooking for one.

3. I have a new outfit. I do have a closet full of tops and bottoms but nothing ever seems to match. So it was time to get a matching outfit. I can't wait to wear it somewhere!!

4. Recently, my sister who is 93 and lives in Alabama, had some special visitors... her grandson and his wife and children. Because they have lived so far apart she had never seen his family. It was such a treat for her. I borrowed this photo off facebook that Sis' granddaughter-in-law posted. 

5. We have beautiful flowers in the courtyard here at the apartments. And, I am doubly happy that a landscaping company keeps them looking great and changes them out when needed. A real plus for apartment living. 

Have a great weekend. And, be sure to check out Willy Nilly Friday Five for more interesting and fun posts. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Song In My Head

Have you ever heard a song and then that was all you could think about for days and days?

I saw this on facebook and just loved it. Laughed so much I about peed in my pants. Then I shared it with my girlfriends and they got a big laugh, too. That should have been the end of it, right?

Nope, that Beatles song just keeps singing itself inside my head.... over and over and over

Although I don't ever recall turning on a Beatles song to just listen to it, I found myself this morning telling my Echo to play Beatles music. 

Sometimes it's just the Little Things that can bring such joy and for which we are so Thankful. Just saying! 

BTW that's Tim Hawkins and he has a bunch of stuff on YouTube if you'd like to see more.

Dinner's On The Way


How did the days go by so fast? 

Who knows. For me they are going by so fast, I see my life just slipping right outta my hands. But, hey, I am holding on fast and furious so don't count me out... not for a long time. Somedays, though I just feel old. Well, heck, I am! So, I tell myself "get over it"!

Time to post something about birds so I can link to Wild Bird Wednesday I'll have to dip into my archives, just not seeing much in the way of birds. Oh, wait a minute, I did have a delightful evening not long ago watching the osprey.

I noticed that Mama was sitting on the nest waiting for something.... you can barely see the nearly grown youngster down in the nest. He doesn't seem too concerned about anything. 

Suddenly, Papa arrives with dinner. Mama gets all aflutter and the youngster (on the left) gets up to investigate as well. He's been gone a long time. Wonder what Papa has brought them. It doesn't look like much. 

After dinner, Papa takes off again, maybe in search of more food. 

And, Mama takes up her position as watchdog. Oh, maybe that's watchbird

You've got to realize that this cell tower is over a block away from me. I am no good at distances so that's just a guess. It's a far piece in any case. But, when you can see the look in a birds eye from here... wow. I love my camera.