Sunday, May 20, 2018

Memorial Service

I attended church this morning where Leslie and I had gone while we were together. It was a Memorial Service for all those loved ones we lost this year. 

I have to admit that I dreaded it, just knowing that it would stir up the loss I have felt, the memories of all those times we sat side by side in that pew on Sunday morning. And, yes, it got me. There were tears. But, they were tears of love, of sadness, of sorrow, of the joy we had shared, the memories of our good times together. 

As each name was called out, one of the small children from our church walked forward down the aisle carrying a lighted votive candle. When they reached the Communion table, the candle was placed there. There were a lot of them and they burned brightly throughout the service. When it was over we could take our loved ones candle home with us. 

The choir sang "On Eagle's Wings", so beautifully done. Leslie would have been so proud to have been remembered in such a way. I miss my 'pew buddy'. He always looked so handsome all dressed up for church. I'd sometimes steal a look at him while we were standing to sing... and I'd just grin. I was so happy we were together. 

Saturday, May 19, 2018


On a recent visit to the Botanical Gardens in Huntsville, Alabama I particularly liked the Purdy Butterfly House. We saw some butterflies that were familiar and several that I had not seen before. I'd like to share them today on Saturday Critters and Camera Critters.

A Malachite

Black Swallowtail


Peavine Swallowtail

Zebra Longwing

Yellow Swallowtail

White Peacock

Julia and a Zebra longwing

Friday, May 18, 2018

Fun Friday

What a week! Returned home from a trip to Alabama only to face four doctor appointments. Hallelujah.... no appointments today. I can stay home and participate in Willy Nilly Friday and Five on Friday

1. There's nothing better than two adults acting like children. On a trip to the botanical gardens my son and I just had to poke our heads through this children's display. Boy, it was tough getting down to that low level!!

2. Oh, good. We found a pileated woodpecker in a tree at the botanical gardens. On closer look we realized it was made of Leggos. nearly 4,500 pieces. They fooled us. 

3.I got this picture off the internet. I wish I had this tee shirt. I failed algebra twice in high school. Just couldn't get the stuff. So, I'd wear this tee proudly.

4. I was fooled more than once as we walked around the gardens. Nope, that's not a gardener! It's Leggos again!! 

5. A year or two ago there was a fire in the Great Dismal Swamp in Va. This is a burned stump but I see a fox (on the left) confronting a swan (maybe) on the right. Not real sure about the thing on the right But, the fox is dead on. It looks real.

Have a great weekend, you all.