Friday, August 18, 2017

'Old Timey Things'

Sometimes you just run across pictures of 'old timey' things. Mostly on Pinterest and I do have a board on there to save all my 'old timey' things that I remember. 

It's Friday and time for Willy Nilly Friday and Five On Friday. What a perfect time to share with all of you some things from the past. None of these are my photos, however. They came from Pinterest. 

1. Don't know what these are? You are so YOUNG!!! Bless your heart. You've never washed clothes on a rub board. Lordy mercy. Well,  I have. And, no, I am not 150 years old. But, you make do with what you have when you are young and poor. Last time I used one of these was when my oldest daughter was a baby... we won't say how long ago that was, now, will we?!

2. Oh, and this little palace! I hated having to go to the outdoor toilet when I was young (that was back in the '30s). Ours didn't even have a moon on it. But, it did have a door. So, so happy that we finally got indoor plumbing!!

3. When my babies were little .. that was in the days of CLOTH diapers!! heaven forbid. And, those squares of cloth had to be kept in place on their tiny little butts. What a cute way to pin them with animal shaped pins. Not that the kid is ever going to look down there and say, 'Oh look, Mommy... a pig' or 'I see a bunny'. I mean, come on!

4. What are these? A hint.... they were used before air-conditioning days. Every church pew had one so you could sit there and fan yourself while the preacher droned on and on and he thinks you're listening while you are actually planning a committee meeting on how to get rid of him!! he he

5. Every woman needs one. When did they go away? I think it was when women stopped dressing up in her 'good' clothes to cook dinner for the family. Nobody cares if you slop gravy all over a dirty pair of jeans and a worn out t-shirt. So, these were to keep your 'good' clothes from getting stains. The older I get, the more I drop food on myself when I am eating. I think I have found my answer to keeping my clothes clean!! What you think?

Thursday, August 17, 2017

A Walk In The Woods

After a fun overnighter on a bus trip to Dover, Delaware (and the casino), I am settling back in to my normal routine. And, today is Thursday, Aug. 17th. I want to know where this month is going in such a hurry!!

The theme for MY TOWN SHOOTOUT this week is Walkways.  This is the walkway at the edge of the apartment complex where I live. It gives us a quiet, peaceful place to walk, to sit and mediate and for visiting great-grandchildren to explore. 

I am also linking to THANKFUL THURSDAY. I am thankful every day for such a wonderful place to live. 

And, provides beautiful scenery any time of the year. This photo was taken following a snow back in the winter.

Friday, August 11, 2017

This and That

Well, do I have five goodies for you today. Linking with Willy Nilly Friday and Five on Friday

1. Got some hearing aids this week. They are temporary until I get my permanent ones but I am hearing things I haven't heard in a very long time. So, yippee and hurrah.

2. I am also having physical therapy to help with my balance. Never thought about it but they say that my lack of hearing could also affect my balance. Who knew?

3. I may be a completely new person once all that work is over. Well, sort of new. I will always be me no matter what. But, isn't it lovely that we get to change ourselves inside and out - to some degree?

4. Speaking of lovely/pretty things... when I went to get my hair done this week, my hairdresser just had to show me this gorgeous hibiscus that she had blooming. I love hibiscus, they remind me of Hawaii and California, two places I've had the priviledge to live in for periods of time..

5. I started work on my 2016 picture scrapbook a couple days ago. I am always a year behind getting those things done!!  I have 22 scrapbooks completed already. Here is one page I designed. It's of our trip to the beach.