Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Future of Blogging

I seem to be in the mood for cleaning... well, actually it's more like organizing!! It's too late for spring cleaning so I guess I could call this 'summer sorting'. 

I've been doing a lot of it in my office but this morning I tackled my computer.... BLOGGER to be exact. 

It's just amazing how participation has dropped off (at least in my followers/followings). People aren't blogging like they used to. 

Now, I've always been picky about who I followed. I just had 101 friends in my followers list. So, I decided this morning, I'd check to see how many of those people I once was in contact with are still active!

On the design page I clicked on READING LIST. On the right side of the page it listed all the people I was following. So, one by one I click on their blog title to see how long it had been since they posted anything new. I decided that if they hadn't posted anything in 6 months, I'd delete them.  To do that, I went back to the reading list. There's a trashbin at the right and by clicking on that trashbin they were gone, one by one.

I now have 89 that is on my followers list. 

See what I mean. If you don't post, you lose. 

How long has it been since you checked your followers list? I bet you'd be surprised. 

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


                                                      Ladybug, ladybug fly away home
                                                                 Your house is on fire
                                                                your children all gone.

How many times have you repeated that little verse when you were young? 

Michael at Scribble Picnic is featuring ladybugs today on his meme. Why don't you go over and visit all the ladybugs there?

Here's my entry:

a pot of purple flowers done in watercolor pencil.... with a ladybug on one stem.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Flowers For The Living

When people die, the ones they leave behind order sprays (or bouquets or baskets) to be sent to the funeral home. I find that rather odd. 

Recently when my sweetheart passed away the burial was to be at a veterans cemetery. The cemetery does not allow baskets or vases to be placed on the grave immediately after burial. Only sprays, which I assume they fold the stands so that they are ground level. So, there were few flowers at the funeral home. I had bought a vase of lilies with two red roses in the center (he loved to give me red roses so that was my way of honoring his sweet gestures) 

After the funeral was over, I brought that vase of flowers home and enjoyed them for days to come.

My point is this..........

Why do people wait until someone dies to buy them flowers? How often do we say 'Oh, I'll send those flowers, write a letter, visit, make a call, tell them I love them?"  We put off doing those things and then they are gone and it is too late. 

I have a book on my bookshelf (a gift from my son) titled '30 Lessons For Living' where Karl Pillemer interviewed countless elderly people about how they lived their lives and the lessons they could pass on to others. 

One quote from an old gentleman .... "Send flowers to the living. The dead never see them"

Amen to that one.