Saturday, November 18, 2017

Grocery Delivery

It's true, although I've lived all over the place, I am a southern girl. And, I tend to say those southern 'sayings' like "I declare" when I am surprised about something. I mean, when you have lived as long as I have, you have learned a few things along the way, got some smarts going on but just this week I found out something and yep, "I declare' came right outta my mouth.

There have been times I have been sick and couldn't go to the store so I had to yell for help..No, I didn't really YELL. You know what I mean... the cell phone, dearie. I have discovered a number of these newfangled tech thingys. I even know how to use the computer. Well, somewhat!

So, imagine my surprise and "I declare' when I found out my favorite grocery store was delivering groceries. Hot dog and hallelujah!! Now, if I am sick or it's too cold or snowy outside, I can just get on my computer and order me up some grub and I won't starve to death.

I tried it out and it works. The sweetest lady brought my bags of groceries (those she had gone all over that store and picked out for me) right to my third floor apartment and then sweetly asked, 'Where you want me to put these?" I said, "on the counter would be fine" and I am thinking, I've died and gone to heaven!! Well, I declare, what will they think of next?

Friday, November 17, 2017

Waning Fall

Fall is trying very hard to leave us. When it does, it will be cold, cold, cold. I dread that very much. How about you? When the bones get old, they get cold. He he. I made a rhyme! 

It's Friday so time for Willy Nilly Friday and Five On Friday. Since Fall is on my mind I thought this would be a good time to put some of my last pictures relating to Fall on this post. 

1. I love Mums in the Fall, and pumpkins. So this display really caught my eye. It was at the Peaks of Otter lodge in Virginia. 

2. I remember eating persimmons when I was a little bitty thing. But, you have to wait til the frost touched them or they were bitter. These are tame persimmons and there are 2 or 3 trees of them by the side of the road not far from where I live. No one ever seems to bother them. Maybe they don't know what they are. 

3. Spiderwebs are fun to see. This one is small. But, just look at what the spider attached it's web to. Clothespins on a clothes line. How ingenious is that!

4. More pumpkins along with some gourds and corn in this cutest little homemade wagon. So fallish.

5. Dew in the early morning. 

I have opened up a new blog site justfor my art work. My daughter Marie is going to join me there, as well. I hope you will hop over to Palette and Paint and see what we are up to. 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Fall In Suffolk

I usually join in Michael McVean's Scribble Picnic on Wednesday but since I am posting quite a bit of art now I did not want it to dominate my Living Life on Main Street so.... I developed a new blog site just for my and my daughter Marie's artwork. It's Palette and Paint. Please check it out. It is also listed on my blog list on my side bar.

Now, to get back to business on this site. If you saw my post of yesterday, I am happy to say that my neck is much better this morning. The crick not gone, but better. Thanks for your advice and concern.

It's My Town Shootout today and I often like to showcase something around where I live. I didn't go far for these photos. It's the front of my apartment all done up in it's Fall Finery.

My front door. The B to indicate that Barton lives here!!

The corner of my apartment. I am in an end unit so the wall behind the scarecrow stops and continues on as railing. I can go out there and look out over the walking trail and the parking lot. Nice view.

One of the tables on my balcony has this display. I really need to give that jack-o-lantern a good scrubbing. Oh, and move him now that Halloween is over. He's iron and very heavy! I love him. 

I hope I see some of your Fall decorations before Fall is over. Oh Lordy, Christmas is really creeping up on us.