Friday, November 16, 2018

A Wedding Five

As promised in my last post, I will continue on with my granddaughter's wedding for Willy Nilly Friday Five

1. Practicing my dance moves the night before the wedding. I couldn't have had a better dance partner - Grandson Griffin.

2. Bride Brittany and me (the grandmother) all dressed up and ready for the ceremony to begin. Doesn't she look happy and so relaxed. 

3. If you look closely you will see (right in the middle of the blue flower) her Papa and my wedding rings tied to her bouquet with a ribbon. 

4. The bride and groom greeting guests for the reception. If you will notice - his boutonniere is an empty shotgun shell filled with small feathers and a flower. He is an avid bird hunter. 

5. The dance! We had been having beautiful fall weather but the day before it rained and turned off cold. Even though we had a heater in that tent, it was very chilly. The wedding party changed into warm clothes after the ceremony so that they could enjoy the night.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

To Have And To Hold - Wedding Preparations.

My granddaughter married the love of her life on Nov. 10th. Beautiful outdoor wedding and reception.... but.... it was in the mid 40s temperature-wise. It was soooo cold! I am linking with Thankful ThursdayLittle Things and Share Your Cup. Here's a few casual shots of the wedding.

The wedding took place in the groom's yard on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.
                                It was a beautiful setting.

It was a family affair.... Everyone pitched in to help. The arch was made by the bride's father and decorated by her mother.

Tablecloths for the reception had wrinkles.. so Uncle Michael ironed while Grandmother (me) assisted.

Set up of the reception tent begins.. 
A basket of blankets were provided for guests should they get cold.

The reception tables were centered with wrought iron pumpkins filled with tea lights and surrounded by fall leaves and pumpkins... and gold bags of Plantation Peanuts for each guest. 

A quiet moment for bride and her mother, a walk down to the dock, before time for the wedding.

 I will continue with the wedding tale in my Friday Five post. 

Friday, November 2, 2018

Warm Weather and Weddings

What can I say....

It's November already!!

And, it's Friday - so it's time for Willy Nilly Friday Five. Thank you, Tom, for hosting this fun linky.

1. I started out the month right. I went for my annual physical/wellness checkup this morning. At age 84 I am doing great, little to complain about and looking forward to many more years of having fun! This picture was made this spring. Either the lighting was perfect or something but it turned out pretty good for an ole chick.

2. And, with age, your kids get to worrying about you so I am now on my son's cellphone account. One of those 'onstar' type thingys came with my new cellphone. Boy, am I in trouble. My son can check up on my driving anytime he wants. Well, let's see. driving home the other day I went 2 miles, used .1 gallons gas and never got over 48 miles an hour. Yes, I live in town, no hotrod driving around here. But, I am going to have to mind my ps and qs... Big Brother Son is watching!!!

3. The weather is ridiculous. In the high 70s. Wish it would stay that way another week so that when my Granddaughter has her outdoor wedding we won't freeze our tails off!!

4. Speaking of wedding. This picture is of the brides' mom (my daughter) and her uncle (my son) and me standing on a pier near where the wedding will take place. I can't wait to share pictures of the wedding but you know I'll have to wait until the bride gives her ok... I mean, I can't upstate her!!

5. I had to take my car in the other day. Had a leak. When I went to pick it up my eye wanders over to the sales department... and my feet followed... Oh my... how I would love to have the keys to this little jewel.