Saturday, January 19, 2019

Animals In Alabama

I haven't been to visit my son in several months. 
                 He lives down south... further south than me in Virginia. 

 I get to make pictures when I am there that I don't get where I live. 

                                     Like the alpaca

                                  that live in the pasture next to his backyard.   

I mean, I could walk up and pet them through the fence but I don't do that. They are the ones that spit, aren't they? Well, maybe that's camels or giraffes or something. I am just not taking my chances. 

                             His boat is tied up at the marina in a state park 

       near where he lives and we always see deer when we go there. 

         I used to see one occasionally where I live but not anymore. 

                                  And, then there is his dog, Sadie. 

She has such a cute personality. I am pretty sure she thinks she's human. 👩   But, I know better. 

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                                                                                      Be seeing you again real soon!                                                                                                                                                                                                      Latane 

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Last Day of My Birthday Celebration

                                                 My Birthday - Installment 4

The day was slipping away. We'd done the carriage ride already. At 3 we went for tea. I guess I expected an English style afternoon tea, which it was not, so that was a disappointment. The room where it was held was cold so we grabbed up our cups of tea and cookies and found us a roaring fire to enjoy it by.

My birthday dinner was supposed to be in the main dining room but 'best laid plans of mine and men' sort of thing happened. The dining room was closed. So, back to the Jefferson room to celebrate.

I had the BEST roast chicken ever! and the mashed potatoes... well, they were the best, too. The Homestead has one heck of a great chef. I pretty much cleared my plate!

 And, then this yummy whatever it was... I think mousse covered in chocolate with, gee was that whipped cream or ice cream. I can't remember. and those edible gold beads and wafers imprinted with Happy Birthday. This is quite a celebration. 

To bed, but not to sleep. We just don't want to sleep when we can be having fun so we stay up late doing the snapchat thing again. And, laughing our fool heads off.

Monday.... we head home. We are all packed and wait on the porch for the car to be brought around.

One last hurrah!
We did it!

Monday, January 14, 2019

A Ride Through The Wintry Woods

                                                I continue with my birthday surprise!
                               (be sure to check out the two previous posts for more on my birthday)

On Sunday afternoon, after a very delightful breakfast buffet and a donut with a candle in it and the staff singing happy birthday,
                                                  We took a carriage ride. 

It's January, for goodness sakes, sunny, cold and we are going for a ride through the Virginia woods.

                                                    Sounds like fun to me!

                                                    Our shuttle takes us to the stables....

Mike, our jovial driver, is busy getting the horses and carriage ready for our ride.

We go by the falconry. No falcons there today.
There are clubs that bring their falcons there for special events.

The ride through the wintry woods is delightful.

The journey over, we head back to the stables.

Duke (the one nearest the camera) and Duchess pulled our carriage. Mike kept snapping the reins over Dukes back. He says Duke is lazy and let's Duchess do all the work. Isn't that just like a male? Okay. that's a joke. Sort of. he he

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