Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Trip to the Garden Shop

I was sort of like Peter Rabbit hopping through Mr. McGregor's garden. I'd nibble here, then nibble there and could not make up my mind. Not at Mr. McGregors, silly, but at Farmer Joe's. That's in Surry, Virginia and one of my favorite places in the springtime. That man does have a green thumb and several greenhouses!!

DD Marie and I head over to see what Farmer Joe has to offer.

I needed petunias for my kitchen window box. But, what color should I buy? My house is tan so yellow won't do. Pink is okay but .... oh, look, Marie... RED .... Great choice.
Those look so nice planted under my windows. When they grow it will be like having them right inside my kitchen.

I have large pots on either side of my front steps. I already have salmon geraniums growing there. The best 'drooping over the side' plant to add there is Bacopa so I get four little pots. Just adds so much interest and color... don't you think.

Even though SIL John will have plenty of tomatoes for them and me, too, I still can't resist a patio tomato. I've never grown one... will keep you posted on it's progress (or demise, whatever the case may be) My thumb isn't very green.

Enough for one day's shopping so I pull the store's little red wagon to the car to unload all my goodies.

And, I hop on home.


  1. Now that looks like a fun day and you have made some nice selections. Your pots look so pretty and I agree that the bacopa looks perfect trailing down the sides.
    I think you will do fine with your tomato plant. It looks very healthy.

  2. Some good looking plants you found , looks like lots of fun.

  3. You are right about the bacopa it gives great value for money all season long!I love the little red trolley just what Alice would have liked!

  4. We will go when it stops all of this rain. I will get me some Bacopa to go with my Geraniums. Thanks for the tip.

  5. Found you!!!Hahaaa....I forgot to change your URL in my blog list and kept wondering why you hadn't posted!!Hahahaaaa....Lord, I'm a nitwit...

  6. Going to our garden shop thrills me to no end..... I love plants, flowers, trees...the whole works.

    Sounds like you made some very pretty choices!

  7. Good luck with the patio tomato. Give it full sun and don't let it dry out. A regular high potash fertilizer will give you lots of fruit.


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