Friday, May 20, 2011

Do You like Purple?

Purple Flowers

by Upāsaka

Sweet familiar scent,
Mountains of purple flowers.
In your presence, home.





I love purple flowers. What are your favorite flowers of purple?


  1. I love Purple Iris!!! But then I love any and all purple flowers, or flowers of any color! I saw some pretty purple wildflowers by the roadside and they were beautiful, too!
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. That kale is very colorful and I love purple flowers.I wish the Iris bloomed all summer.

  3. I love the color purple!! All of yours are so beautiful......Wisteria is my favorite though.
    Hope you're having a good weekend!

  4. pretty! I love lilacs! My grandaughter gave me a beautiful bouquet of lilacs on Thursday. They smell glorious.

  5. Those flowers are gorgeous. I do have a purple clematis and I LOVE it!

  6. Hi Latane, blue bells and lavender would be my favourite blue/purple flowers but I love the colours of all flowers in their season. I am waiting for my old fashioned peony rose to open it is a beautiful deep red shade.Multi coloured sweet peas are stunning too.
    Your previous post re lemonade: the pitcher is beautiful and is made for a summer table.

  7. Hello Latane, I do so love the color purple and these flowers are beauties.


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