Saturday, June 25, 2011

Glimpses of Smithfield

                                               I love Smithfield, Virginia

It's full of interesting old houses, detailed architecture, quaint shops and fabulous eateries.

I'd live there if I could but thankfully it is not far, so I can go visit anytime I wish.

These are some sights that draw me back again and again.

                                                              A Friends Fountain

Love the bay window in this white house trimmed in red

Look at the carved decor underneath the eave. And, the colors!! WOW
Even the tiled roof has a design!

How pristine is this? Blue with white and gorgeous gingerbread trim.

Scallops galore on this house.

Take a look at the 'spinning top' effect at the bottom of this turret.

Steps to nowhere. Just a painted door that you can not open.

One of the local bed and breakfast inns. Returned to it original splendor.

A dunce cap on a turret!

A brick wall scarred by dead vines and adorned with a star.

Do you have a favorite place to visit? Perhaps you'd like to share them with us. I'd love to see them.


  1. What a charming place to visit.Is this where the delicious Va. ham comes from?

  2. Yes, indeed, that is the HAM capital of the world. haha. Do you ever see the commercials that Paula Dean does about the Smithfield ham? those commercials were shot in the Smithfield Inn, one of my favorite places to eat. In fact that friends fountain (photo above) sits in the courtyard there. Come on out and have some ham with me.

  3. No wonder you love visiting there! And the things you pointed out make you a wonderful tour guide! Happy Saturday to you!

  4. Love that interesting architecture!!!
    Good job with the photography!

  5. Hi Latane, very interesting and some quirky details in all of the photos,you have an eye for detail.
    I don't think I would stay in the B&B though, looks a bit spooky!

  6. Hi Latane... Those old houses were given so much attention to detail. These are great pictures! Interesting!
    We love Smithfield ham and bacon up here in New York.

  7. What beautiful old homes and interesting architecture, sure looks like an interesting vacation spot!


  8. Just give me some HAM!!Hahaaaa
    We can get it here several times a year...

  9. What a charming town, I would love to visit with my camera. It looks wonderful.


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