Friday, July 22, 2011

Reading Books

My love of reading, thank goodness, has influenced my children, the grandchildren

(Tighe has 'borrowed' his Mommys glasses)

and maybe even those greats that are coming along.

It's so important to read, to learn about new places, other cultures, and even fantasies not real but imagined. I spend a couple of hours every school day afternoon waiting in the local library for my aunt to pick me up in her car. And, so I read, stories about fairies, a Christmas tree that wasn't picked for the family celebration (that one was sad), I read stories about Raggedy Ann and Andy, about Brownies and trolls. I loved the book about Squirrel who moved into a little house by the side of the road with Jupie the cat.

After I married I read to our children some of those same books and others as well. I even read my sons literature lessons to him when he was in school. Then, the children were grown and I fell in love with historical novels, then biographies, then romances. Now I read most anything. The grandchildren came along and there was the reading of 'Twas The Night Before Christmas' and more.

Elbert was never much of a reader but he was a strong believer of getting an education. In later life, when he was forced to slow down, he loved to read the newspaper.

I am happy to say that all of our children read, everyone has their own taste in books but read they do. It will be interesting to see what books the grandchildren will treasure. I've already been reading them some of my favorites.


  1. I read to my son a lot. Almost everynight before bed. He reads now. Not everynight but he does 2 or 3 books a yr. That is better than nothing. His girlfriend reads all the time. I am sure my grandbabies will be read to . Reading is great.

  2. I too have always been a voracious reader and I am happy to report that my children like to read. Although, I know that two of my four do not read nearly as much as they should. My granddaughters, ages six and three, were here with me last week. They love nothing more than to sit on either side of me as we work our way through a tall stack of books. Happy Weekend, Latane!

  3. I so agree, how important readings to people of all ages. I always feel like a book is a good friend...
    Wonderful pictures of your precious grandson...and so sweet of Elbert ....

  4. I love reading as well...My first and favorite book was, Ferdinand.
    At 13, I fell in love with The Good Earth...and have never looked back...
    Sweet day to you Girl!

  5. Well, I am a wannabee! I have never read a lot except to my babies and grands. I have never had that quiet time that you need to sit down and read. Hopefully I will get to one day. My Mom loves to read.

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog and introducing me to yours. I have been reading and enjoying lots of your older posts. When my son was only 5 weeks old (and he was 8 weeks premature) I took him for a check up and the doctor asked me if I was reading to him every day!!?? A five week old baby! But I began reading to him every day and checking out all kinds of books from the library. It was well worth the hours and hours I spent reading to him. He is a grown man now but very knowlegeable in so many things and loves learning and trying new things.
    Have a wonderful day!


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