Saturday, July 16, 2011

Up, Up and Away

D Shirley, Ggson Dylon and I headed up the highway to Hardees, our favorite hangout. As we passed the small airport on the edge of town we adults did a double-take. There are these litty bitty airplanes parked all over the place.

Shirley turns into a road but a gate is blocking our entry into the hanger area. I guess they don't want people wandering around in there. I got out of the car, camera in hand and walked along the fence to begin snapping pictures when I see a man approaching. Oh, geez, are we going to get in trouble?

No, not in this small town where people are friendly, everyone knows everyone else so he's telling us what to do to make the gate open. We drove right in and I got to take pictures up close and personal of the ultra-lites that had flown in from Gloucester, Virginia. The guy said that a bunch of the pilots were having a cookout in one of the hanger!!

Now, I don't know one plane from the other but, I did know that these were ultra-lites that are built by the owners and flown by them. Scary, oh my. No way would I ever get in one. In most cases there is nothing surrounding you but air and the seat you are sitting on........ Un Un. Not me.

I suppose one of the guys didn't have time to make his own plane so he had bought himself a helicopter.

And, it wasn't any bigger than the ultra-lites. Another no, no for me. Give me something BIG if I am going to be up in the air in the thing.

This little teddy bear was sitting in the nose of one plane, just chilling out waiting until they took off again. I wonder if the bear is the pilots navigator?

Dylan must have thought he had found a bunch of toy planes to play with.

What started out as a very normal lunch ended up as an adventure. I like those kinds of days.


  1. Those spontaneous little adventures are great fun! I love them!

  2. My hubby's friend built a two seater ultra lite...he invited my hubs to go fly with crashed...thank God, no one was really hurt...just scared out of their minds! We ladies got to witness every heart pounding minute of it from the ground!
    Needless to say, that was MY hubbys LAST ride in an ultra lite...

  3. I like those kinds of days too, Latane, when it feels like you caught a wave. That's why it's best to never leave home without your camera! Without your photos I wouldn't have been able to picture those little planes.

    I do not like air travel and nobody could convince me to leave the ground in one of those toys. I will however go to Hardee's anytime for their incredible chicken fingers!

  4. I've always thought the unplanned/unexpected adventures are the best. Looks like a fun time!

  5. Oh I would have done the same thing. Camera is always ready! Those are the neatest planes ever!

  6. Looks like it would be fun. But I'm with you they are to little . The bigger the better.


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