Friday, September 23, 2011

It's Autumn

I love the word 'autumn'. It just rolls off the tongue bringing up visions of colorful leaves, pumpkins, smoke drifting upward from the chimney. After a summer of hot dry weather my flowers are making a comeback just before they rest for the winter. So, I took a stroll about my yard to discover what autumn has to offer.

I love the pink of the sedum against the green background. I wasn't sure about wanting sedum when my grandson planted it but it's one of the most colorful fall plants I have.

The magnolia tree is covered with pink and green pods. I love the spiky design of the pods with the leaves that are shiny and dark green.
I have forgotten the name of this vine that we brought with us from Alabama. It doesn't make it's appearance until mid to late summer and then it covers the fence with fairy looking little leaves and tiny red trumpet flowers.

The ginger lily is making a last hurrah. It, too, is an off-spring from my aunt's lilies in Alabama. When picked and brought into the house, it fills the room with sweet fragrance.

The yellow rose is about finished for the year. I found a perfect blossom or two.

This bright red coleus is a joy to see. You can always depend on coleus, they are colorful and so easy to grow. A great addition to the garden.

This little gnome holds open the fence gate. His pipe is nearly as big as he is!!

Yes, my yard is 'strutting it's stuff' as the days shorten and the air grows cooler. All too soon the frost will come and the flowers will be gone. However, I will enjoy them while I can and come winter I will start planning my next flower garden.

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  1. I am amazed to see all of that color this time of year. Thanks for the garden tour.

  2. So pretty! Our roses are hanging on, for now.
    Sorry, the only way I can post on this type of comment is as anonymous.
    Linda J. @

  3. We are so glad to see and feel the cool air now that fall is here. Thanks ,enjoyed the walk around the garden flowers, lovely colors.

  4. Your pictures are gorgeous!! That's a Cypress Vine! My grandmother used to have one and they have red star shaped blooms. Your yard is lovely this time of year!!!

  5. Your pictures are beautiful. You have a very lovely yard. All of the beautiful blooms are gorgeous. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I so appreciate it. I hope you will come back often. I will definately be back to visit you again. Hugs, Karie

  6. I enjoyed seeing your fall 'beauties'. Isn't God wonderful to share with us such delightfull sights and all seasons to boot.

  7. Love the sedum! I've never tried to grow it before...maybe I Will!
    SO glad cooler weather is on the way!
    Sweet night to you!

  8. Your yard is beautiful, full of so much color and variation. Not what I would expect of a "FALL" garden, there is so much color and life in it-just lovely.

  9. Beautiful pictures, Mom! Loved the magnolia and the cedum...well, the garden looks so lovely right now! We get the TV hooked up tomorrow, but won't have internet till October 5th...picked up C from school today and am enjoying a few minutes of wifi while I am watching him for a few hours. :-)


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