Sunday, October 23, 2011

More Fun at the Beach

More pictures from our scrapbooking crop at the beach...

Since I don't make pictures of myself this is one Shirley took. I'm having fun. Finished up two albums that needed completing.

This was the first crop that Shirley scrapbooked at. She'd taken me twice before and finally took the plunge. Not the water.... scrapbooking.

Shirley and I got manicures, Kate (above) had the Mani-Pedi and some of the girls also had massages. We were really treating ourselves.

One day we saw this cute red plane flying overhead. Another day we saw a boat further down the shoreline but couldn't figure out what it was doing... dredging, fishing. It was big, almost like an tanker and it stuck around two days.

And, we saw the red dragon kite. Guess red was the color of the day!!


  1. I'm glad you're having fun. Love the dragon kite

  2. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time! I would like all that, for sure! Enjoy!

  3. What a wonderful time you had!!! Cathy

  4. Glad you're having fun!!!
    Love the photo of you!

  5. Looks and sounds like you had a grand time! Nice for you to be with daughter....and friends....and at the beach. The house looks beautiful. I hope you decide to go again!


  6. Oh yes, definitely great fun! You girls got a lot accomplished, and also had some "me" time too...wonderful! I love the red plane and the red kite against that blue sky, too!


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