Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My World is a foggy world

You never know what you will find when you least expect it!! Take a trip my daughter and I made across the James River on a ferry recently. The drive over was filled with fall leaves, old farmhouses, huge fields that had been harvested and some that had not. Lovely countryside and a joy always as we go from home to Williamsburg.

Just as you approach the landing dock at the ferry you drive around a curve and down a hill. Before us lay this scene...........
The river was socked in with fog. You could barely see the ferry as it nears the landing dock.

It's getting closer, we can see it more clearly now, sort of. Soon we will board and head across the river. How will the pilot get us across safely? I am sure he has his ways.

Halfway across the span of water the fog has lifted enough for us to see the eagle on the piling. He sits there a lot, just waiting and watching as the ferry steams by.

We near the other shore. The pilot blows his loud horn, then again. What's up... he doesn't usually do that. It is then that Shirley and I notice a fishing boat sitting in front of us, right in the path of the ferry. He doesn't move. The pilot comes on the PA and announces that he must move, that he is in a marked channel.... the boat does not move. The guy just keeps throwing that line out over the side of his boat. So, the ferry swings hard right, then hard left to go around that dumb fisherman. We were so close to the landing the ferry had a difficult time getting back in position for his final approach. What an exciting morning!!

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pictures courtesy of my daughter, Shirley. Guess where my camera was!!! Home


  1. Interesting! I like the Eagle picture, and I dislike people like that fisherman, who won't listen to wise advice!!! Glad you didn't have a wreck!

  2. I'm Loving the Eagle shot!!!
    SO glad y'all were able to get around the other boat!! Scary!

  3. What a rude fisherman.
    The eagle picture is wonderful. The eagle is such a beautiful and magnificent bird..

    It's so nice that you and your daughter can spend time together..

  4. Don and I lived just outside Williamsburg in 1982/83...we used to take the ferry over to visit my parents in Purdy, Virginia. We both loved the ferry! Your photos are fantastic...the eagle is splendid! Can't imagine why the fisherman didn't move his boat or why he didn't know he shouldn't be there to begin with...I'm sure he was reported by the captain!

  5. autumn time is always foggy...we always have foggy days too..i believed you and ur daugther had a great time.

    thanks for the visit..happy Thanksgiving in advance!

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  6. I have always loved the way fog folds itself around things! Lovely photos. Have a blessed Thanksgiving. blessings, Kathleen

  7. Wow, Mom! What an exciting morning! I bet it was a little scary with the fog. Really pretty pictures...and I loved the photo of the eagle! Great going! That goofy fisherman--they ought to fine him, or something!

  8. An Eagle? And what a good shot. What was the fisherman thinking?

  9. I have ridden the ferry before when we visited Williamsburg. I love the photo of the Eagle. Thanks so much for visiting me and I am now following you - have a nice, safe Thanksgiving weekend.

  10. These are fascinating. Must be something to see an eagle so close!

  11. Oh my..love the eagle..it looks so regal there in the fog...


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