Thursday, April 26, 2012

River Adventure (continued)

Jeff is so knowledgable about the river. He's says he's been on it all his life and after church, as a child, the grown-ups would take the kids down to the river to have a snake hunt. His eye is very trained. All of a sudden he yelled 'I see an Anaconda'. For a split second I think he really does and then DUH... Anacondas aren't in North America. But, he does see a big brown water snake quite invisible to the naked eye, curled up on a limb. That's MY naked eye, folks, I liked to have never located that thing. Jeff edges the pontoon up alongside the fallen tree where the snake is, too close for my comfort!! But, at that close range, how could I not see it!!!!

Fallen trees are a place to observe turtles and snakes but I love the fallen trees for their artistic form.

                              And the romantic notion that mistletoe always brings to mind.

Fallen trees provide great fishing ground and there were a few boats on the river. They were busy catching fish but when the engine conked out they asked if they could help. We didn't need them but it was so kind of them to offer assistance.
We saw a couple of beaver dams (but no beavers) one active, one abandoned. Jeff fished a slick stick out of the water and showed us where the beavers had chiseled away the bark and the soft stuff under the bark. You could see the teeth marks.

Our guide showed us where a Civil War battle was fought on the river. The Union troops brought in gunboats to try and shell out the Confeds who were on the hill. Gee, I hope I get correct what little I retained from his story.  I had not brought a pad and pen with me, much to my sorrow, for there was much to learn and absorb. This was the battle of Crumpler's Bluff. Today it is a very peaceful place and I enjoyed hearing about the battle.

I am so thankful that I got to view some of God's beauty, Blackwater River, right here in my own back yard. Thank you, Jeff, for a fantastic trip!


  1. Goodness!! Such a beautiful place to have to endure a sad...And y'all were mighty close to that snake! Love Zooms!Hahaa

  2. What fun to have adventure in your on back yard.
    America the Beautiful!

  3. Fantastic trip. Wow, Mom that snake picture is great! He looks like a poisonous snake. Was he? And I love the fallen branches in the water. Isn't it great to have a really good guide. You need to go on the Dismal Swamp tour. You will love that too!

  4. Loved seeing more of your photos from your 'cruise' on the river!!!! I'd be afraid getting close to that snake also.

    My hubby loves Civil War history --so he'd love hearing about the Battle of Crumpler's Bluff...

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. I sure have enjoyed you sharing your trip on the river. Wonderful photos and interesting about the Civil War battle. Hope you enjoy your afternoon/evening.

  6. I like adventures like this, but no snakes, please;-)

  7. enjoying your tour of the Blackwater...the shape of the head on that snake looks like a poisonous one to me!

    interesting to learn about The Civil War Battle of Crumpler's Bluff! that's one I've missed reading about. there was a mill on an island in the Nottoway behind my parents place (within their reparian rights) that the Federals torched when they were returning east from a failed mission at the Staunton River Bridge. apparently they were destroying anything and everything they thought would/could be used by the Confederates.

  8. What a wonderful trip - gorgeous scenery and a history lesson to boot! So glad he saw that snake! We live in a small town where a few battles occurred - the house next door was used as a hospital for soldiers in the Civil war...
    so glad to visit and to become your newest follower,

  9. Great pictures - I hope you used a long lens on that snake picture though...

  10. oh wow....lucky you! your pictures are wonderful....even the huge snake!! I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    My kids play in the creak and come back with all kinds of stories!!

  11. Your river adventure looks like so much fun (except for the snake).. Beautiful pictures!!!


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