Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Well, blow me down and knock me over with a feather!!!! I'm getting to be an American Idol fan.

For nine seasons I could not figure out what all the hoopla was about so I watched something else. But last year I kept hearing everyone talk about Scotty McCreary. People in the grocery store, at my beauty shop...  and so I finally tuned in to see what all the talk was about.... and immediately got hooked.  Young Scotty has such an amazing voice and I was thrilled he won. Now, to get me one of his CDs.

Now, I am old enough to not like a lot of the more 'up to date' singing/screeching. You younger ones will just have to overlook this grandma but I remember when singing was melody, words you could understand and songs that meant something. It was soothing, sentimental, loving, cuddling in the back seat sort of songs. Oh well, back to American Idol.....

So, I tuned in for season 11 back whenever it was it started. Right off the bat I named Phillip Phillips as who I'd like to see win the whole shebang. He's a southern boy, like Scotty is. Every week Phillip'd still be standing when someone went home. Tonight it was down to two... Phillip and Jessica Sanchez. I was sitting there, fingers crossed saying 'come on, Phillip'. And, lo and behold, he won. Way to go Phillip!!


  1. I was hoping Phillip would win, too. He's from my state of GA!!! He seems like a very respectable guy. I read that he needs surgery right away for kidney problems. Hope he does well.

    Wishing you a nice weekend.

  2. Yes, he did. And didn't you love the final song? The perfect song for him.
    Hope he recovers well and becomes a super star.

  3. Yes, saw it on the news report. I just can't get into the reality shows...

  4. Not for me but glad you found something on the tube to watch.All we see is new, new and more new.I do watch Sunday night shows on Public Broadcasting.

  5. I know a lot of people who really enjoy those shows. Not me. I'm a criminal/mystery/cop sitcom person myself.

  6. Phillip was not my first choice as far as voice and persona, but he does seem like a genuine young man and I hope he is well soon and can continue in his chosen career in the music business. It's not a bed of roses, and very hard work, along with many temptations which change so many of them when the money starts rolling in!

    This will be our last year watching Idol - the judging has become obnoxious since Simon C. left. J-Lo needs to GO, and then work on becoming a much better performer for our young girls to look up to!

    This was the only reality/contest type show we watched - the others are even worse.

    Did watch a great movie (Netflix) though last night - Mao's Last Dancer (true story) - it was fabulous!

    Hugs - happy weekend dear.

  7. How great! I'm glad he won when you had him pegged from the beginning!

    Oh, noticed Mary's comment about recommending Mao's Last's a fabulous movie!


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