Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Fences

I want to share fences with you today. I know that there has been a fence of some sort in your life.. to climb upon, to crawl over, to open and go through... just fascinating things. If you want to see more fences click on This Link.

This is the entryway to a housing development in Alabama where my sister lives. Beautiful rock fence with deer splashing through the fountain. Now, I'd like to see that everytime I headed home.

                                      A corner rose garden with an angel to watch over it.

                                 Very different fences but both useful as well as decorative.


  1. Those deer are so cool! Nice pics

  2. There are some very creative people in this world! The deer are wonderful.

  3. Beautiful fences... Love the deer...

    Have a great weekend.

  4. Oh, I just LOVE the deer splashing through the fountain in front of that rock wall. Really pretty and so inventive! And the wooden fence behind the angel in the roses is so pretty as well. Great Fridays Fence, Mom!

  5. The deer sculpture is lovely!
    I see them run like that across my backyard.
    Such a pretty corner arrangement as well.

  6. love that sculpture!! so pretty!

  7. Very cute one of the deer. After a Spring rain, Jeep and I saw and videoed a young deer prancing and spinning in a rain puddle. It was so cute, but I lost the video when my computer crashed:-(
    Both pictures of the fences are nice!

  8. I like both and my favorite is the angel corner garden. Love it!

    Kim, USA

  9. Yes, very different, but both are pretty! (I prefer the 2nd one!)


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