Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Food For Relaxation

Just look at this sign!! It says it all...

Everyday life can be filled with stress so you plan a trip to the beach to relax and eat yummy food.

What can I make to take with me, to eat while I watch the tides come and go, to let the stress slip from my body like a snake shedding it's skin.

Can you guess?
I have my ingredients out and ready to start mixing.

I flour the dates and pecans

And add them to the dough. Then into a pan and the oven it goes.


Tropical Date-Banana Bread
So yummy. It will be packed and ready to go to the beach with me. Will have lots of pictures to share when I return.


  1. Which beach? We were at Ocean City, MD last weekend.

  2. Oh Latane...... I hope you know that you've been my hero and my inspiration as I've traveled the Alzheimer journey with my beloved David......
    You're plugging along... you're making it.... you give me hope! Thank you!!!
    Each time I look at your adventures... you give me hope!

  3. What a great idea!
    I must bake some!
    I'm off Monday speaking to a Hospice group, but when I get back.... :-)
    Cheers from Cottage Country!

  4. Oh, yum, Mom! I made banana bread right after Kathy arrived and we ate on it for a few days. I'm behind in my comments, of course because of her visit, but will get caught up soon. Had a GREAT time while she was here! Will post about it later today. I know you had a great time at the beach crop!


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