Friday, March 15, 2013

Goldfinches come to visit.

Not too long ago... maybe a couple weeks... a friend pulled back my sunroom drapes and yelled for me to come... I have not had much luck having gold finches in my yard but there were a bunch of them busily gobbling down some seeds. (don't you just love how that one bird is resting his tail on the other?)

The ground was covered,

 the bush was full and several were juggling for position at the bird feeder

 I snatched up the camera and shot through the window. I didn't want to scare any of them away.

You know, I haven't seen them since!


  1. Our Goldfinches come and go. Some days there are almost none and then one day, like yesterday, there were fourteen or more on each of our tall finch feeders. I just hope they will be here a little later in the Spring when they get their breeding plumage!

  2. What great pictures! I loved seeing them. During the winter, goldfinches visit one of our trees, looking for seeds. They are so high in the tree that I can't get a picture, but I love their flash of color.

  3. Well, you struck gold! They are the cutest things, especially the one resting his tail on his friend...and that's a true friend to let him rest his tail feathers on his back...he ain't heavy, he's my bird-brother....

    Thanks for sharing this joyous moment.

  4. I love to see the gold finches when they really get yellow in the spring and summer. Some days we have them at the feeder and then again we will go days and have none. I think they will be back....I hope they will be.


  5. They're elusive all right! You got some great shots, though!

  6. Hi Latane, nice to see the goldfinches, wish some would visit our feeders.
    Please delete the anonymous comment as I am sure yiu do not want this garbage displayed. Some people are so obnoxious. We do not use word verification, but do monitor comments and do not allow anonymous ones.

  7. Sorry if any of you saw that 'ugly' comment before I got it deleted. Never had any problem until just lately with that sort of thing. My blogger usually catches those things.

  8. You need to be here, Latane, since we have more Goldfinches this year than we've ever had. We sometimes have 20 or more here at the same time!!!! Can't wait til the males get their pretty color.

    Great photos.

  9. What a wonderful visit! The first time I ever saw one close to my house was in NC on the sunflowers I had planted from seed you got at Michael's. They were all over those tall sunflowers! These guys are so adorable! I hope they come back to the feeder next to the house again so you will see them all summer!

  10. best seat in the house!!
    they're so sweet


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