Friday, April 19, 2013

Flowers Abound

TGIF... not sure why I said that. Without a definite schedule, I don't keep up with which day is what. But, I do know that today is Random Five Friday where we participants just rattle off five things on our mind! That's a dangerous thought!! haha. Anyway, here is mine.

1. I enjoyed an outing with my Quilt Bee Friends recently. While riding along (I was a back seat 'driver') I saw this fence that I thought would work well with The Friday Fences Meme.  I love the design on the top of each slat. And, it didn't hurt that there was a flowering tree casting a shadow on the fence.

2. I am more than excited that my pantry is all cleaned out.

before (on left)....... after (on right)

3. I bought a few potted plants yesterday at Lowe's. Have a lot more to buy but it's a start. I got petunias to put in my kitchen window box. I love being able to see them as I work at my counter. Here's a picture from last year. The ones I planted yesterday aren't big enough to be shot yet.

4. I spied a yellow swallowtail butterfly on my teeny azalea bush.. I ran back into the house to grab up the camera. It was worth the run.

5. I once was staging chairman for the annual Garden Club Show held at the Officer's Club at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md. It was my job to see that each entry was displayed to it's fullest potential. I loved doing it. The newspaper article below and that's me standing on the far right!


  1. Great photo and what a fun job :-)
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Love your five choices! I'm carzy about your butterfly and azalea picture! I picked you out in the picture before I read about it :) Beautiful then, as you are now!

  3. I love your sense of adventure Latane. I can't keep up with you! xo

  4. Love those petunias! Have a great day ;)

  5. Wonderful fence and shadow photo!
    Love the butterfly, too!
    Have a wonderful week-end!
    Lea's Menagerie

  6. A lovely random 5! I love the petunias--I need to get some for my empty flower pots! And the butterfly photo is stunning.

  7. Interesting in the old photo how women back then always used their hubby's names. My mother always wanted to be known as Mrs. Simon Banks instead of Edith Banks.... Times have changed!!!

    Great photos... Love the butterfly on your azalea... Beautiful...

    Your Petunias are gorgeous... AND--you can come and clean out my pantry now!!!!! ha


  8. Gorgeous photo of the butterfly on the azalea! :)

    Petunias are lovely. And hummingbirds love them. You'll see many out your kitchen window feeding! How beautiful they'll be!

  9. what a delight to see those beautiful flowers on your windowsill...butterflies and azaleas perfect together.

  10. Enjoyed your *five*. Sounds like a wonderful job -- anything garden related makes my heart pitty pat! Going to get your camera for the butterfly was definitely worth the effort. Beautiful petunias -- I bet they will be pretty again this year.

  11. Great photos!!! Enjoyed looking at all your Blogs!

  12. I agree - that fence portrait is stunning . . .

    You have a super skill - your pantry looks like an entirely different place in the before & after . . .

    I'm impressed.

  13. Love the fence shot...very unique design. How cool it that tibit from the past...I love going to Annapolis and walking around that very quaint town.

  14. Great Friday Five and lovely photos too! Have a great weekend.

  15. Love the fence with the flowering magnolia tree. And the azalea with the butterfly is awesome! Great pics!

  16. enjoyed your post!!!

  17. enjoyed your post!!!

  18. Awesome fence, and great Random 5! Glad you included your Garden Club days!

  19. Great pictures!!!
    Your petunias in the window box are gorgeous! I love window boxes, but you never see them in our area.
    You're as pretty now as you were when you were a young chick!!


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