Thursday, April 4, 2013

Random 5 and A Favorite Thing

Since I participate in Random 5 Friday I put on my thinking cap to see what 5 things I would submit for today's meme.

1.  I played a trombone in my high school band. I wanted to play the flute but they had too many flutes already so I took what they needed!! The Walker County High School Band got to march in the American Legion parade in Philadelphia, Pa. That was a BIG deal for a small school band from Alabama.

2. Here I am surrounded by the paperwork and manuscript of a book I wrote (and was published).
   It was great to be finished!

3.  I love New York City. I love walking around the streets, absorbing all the sights and sounds and making memories. That's Grand City Station behind me and my husband. I'm linking this post to A Favorite Thing and chose New York City as my Favorite thing this week.

4. I had never had a S'More before in my life until I was in my 70s. How did I miss out on this treat?

5. For years I made and decorated cakes of all shapes and sizes. Here is a wedding cake that I made for a friend's daughter.


  1. Such a talented lady..... A cake decorator, a trombone player, a writer..... WOW--that's so neat...

    My son played trombone in high school. I played the clarinet... I too wanted to play the flute --but they needed clarinets... SO--that is what I did.

    Great post. Thanks!!!

  2. love your 5...s'mores are great aren't they...first had them when living with an aunt/uncle and their 2 cousin was a cub scout and my aunt taught us all how to make s'mores!!!

  3. Every picture is so very interesting! I always love to see and read things about your life! I love the one with you and Elbert in NYcity.

    Take care and enjoy the day, Latane.


  4. How neat that you have written a book! The cake you decorated is beautiful. That takes a lot of talent.
    I did play a flute in the high school band. And for the past couple of years have been playing in the community band.

  5. Once again, we are thinking alike! How funny about the wedding cakes! :-) Loved this great Random 5 post! That was your g-grandson's first s'more that day, too!

  6. Well, you obviously have many talents! And the S'more least you know now and you can catch up for lost time!

  7. I loved learning a little more about you, Latane!
    That's a great picture of you with your trombone, but I really love the one with all the papers of your manuscript. What an accomplishment!
    I've never been to NYC.
    One of my aunts made cakes while I was growing up.. as a child I LOVED watching her decorate them, such an art. It was also a special treat when she would let us all eat an icing rose bud. :)

  8. Never had a s'more? How did you miss that? I love that you played the trombone - I played the flute, but I think the trombone is much more cool. That's quite a talent you have decorating cakes - beautiful!

  9. I'm glad you were published before being buried alive!

  10. Oh! This is a Terrific Post! I can't decide which photo is my favorite - and I've been looking at them all for a while now . . .
    Thank you, Thank you for sharing with us today.
    You've opened up my world with new sights and possibilities!

  11. Well Hello!
    So nice of you to drop by! I have always and always admired and respected individuals who write! You have taken it several steps beyond that by being published!

    Looking forward to sharing our life experiences with one-another.

  12. OMG I am cracking up / what a wonderful post !

    OK DO THE FOLLOWING : follow up your S'more adventure with Ben and Jerry's S'more ICE CREAM


  13. I really enjoyed this post -- learned so many interesting things about you! Loved the s'mores photo and your band uniform.

    So glad you joined us for R5F this week. xo

  14. Latane

    I have very little musical abilities. Pretty much nothing past turning on the radio. I like your band picture!

    You look so relieved to have your book done! Congratulations on being a published author.

    I have never been to NYC. The furthest east I have been is Louisville, KY.

    Cake makers are such artists! I love watching Cooking Channel shows about cake shops and baking challenges.

    Music, writing and cake making you are an artist in many forms!

    Thank You for stopping in at The Ranch Wife Chronicles!

  15. Wow, Latane you have certainly had a varied and interesting life and it continues to be so. I wondered if that was a staged photo for your book manuscript...very funny. And, that was a beautiful cake decorated. Also enjoyed seeing your high school band uniform photo.

  16. Well, I learned a lot about you! How very interesting about the book and what a lovely cake! I, too, always wanted to learn flute. This is a great photo from your band days.

  17. What a lovely cake! I love New York City also. So very much to see and do. Hard to take it all in, but lots of fun! :)

    S'mores are delightful, delicious goodness. Mmmmmm..

  18. new york is a great place. so fun!! great 5. ( :


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