Friday, May 3, 2013

Five Things for Friday

I'm linking to Random 5 Friday. Perhaps you should too. I bet you'd have a bunch of fun.

1. I love yellow roses. Well, I like any color rose but yellow is perhaps my favorite.  These are on my back fence.
2. My family is small, just one sister. There are 9 years separating us in age and we live far apart. Hard to see one another. When she came up to visit me I took her to the lake at the Airfield 4-H center.
3. I've been sewing since I was in junior high school. I used to make my own clothes but all I do now is make quilts. Below I am sewing a hatch cover for my son's sailboat.
4. I am an avid scrapbooker. I have made 20 large picture scrapbooks so far with plans to continue on as long as I can make pictures and put them in albums.
5. I was married at age 16 (one month shy of my 17th birthday). And, who said it wouldn't last. We had 60 great years together. Here I am in my wedding outfit... navy blue suit with a white felt hat that was trimmed in orange blossoms. Long ago brides carried orange blossoms in their bouquets. I wore mine.


  1. I love scrapbooking, but don't get a lot of time for it!

  2. Yellow roses are special! Your sister is pretty. It must run in the family! Those scrapbooks are going to be real treasures. I used to sew, too, but like you, I don't make my clothes anymore. I may have to start back because they don't make many clothes for ladies over 50!

  3. You look beautiful in your wedding suit and hat :-)

  4. Hello Latane, I have to start by saying how pretty you look in your wedding suit and hat. No wonder Elbert was so smitten! I love your yellow soft and peaceful looking. You get to see those roses everyday. God's gift! How nice the picture of you and your sister....and what a beautiful day to visit on a park bench. I have been getting lazy about doing my scrapbooking. I must get to it because I know someday my grandkids will cherish them, I hope.

    Great post ...oh, and again ...your header is so pretty!


  5. wow wee at 16 got married -- that is like two of my aunt -- it's wonderful wonderful.. I am with you yellow roses are indeed what I look for when I am out in the flower shop. But then I LOVE all kinds of flowers.. Scrapbook is a treasure indeed I do that too..I might have to start up sewing my own clothes having a bit more of an issues finding clothes for my age -- over 50 is getting hard to find the right style.. I am like you I mostly make quilts too.. you need to show more of your quilts.. Happy to get to know you.. and your last photo of you = beautiful!

  6. WONDERFUL Random 5! I loved seeing the things you chose to share and loved that picture of you scrapbooking, and also the one of you with Aunt Lois!


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