Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's Day

Tomorrow is Mother's Day. My hat is off to all those Moms out there who keep us all together and on the straight and narrow. Being a Mom is the most rewarding and most demanding job that there is. So... kudus to you wherever you are.

I'd like to remember my Mom who sacrificed so much for me... and taught me and led me and shaped me into who I am today.

                                                       Happy Mother's Day, Mom

and my husband's Mother (who died before my and Elbert's marriage)


  1. Beautiful post, Latane. Yes, it is a time to remember all of the mothers. My Mom died in 1991 and I still miss her. Great photos of your Mom and Mom-in-law.

    We just got home from a week at Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina. Had a fabulous time....

    Happy Mother's Day.

  2. Happy Mother's Day to you Latane!

    Beautiful photos of the Moms!

  3. Hello Marie's mother.
    I saw you inside by Marie - and of course I wanted in and read a little and you.
    First, I wish you a great Mother's Day.
    I am in the situation of lost I still have my mother (89 years) still going strong.
    If you would like to get a little peek into my world - Denmark-is my blog address -
    Wish you a good Sunday :) Hanne Bente

  4. Happy Mother's Day, Mom! And I love your tribute...wish we still had these two ladies around us!

  5. Such beautiful women. Thank you for sharing their photos. I hope you had a special day.


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