Friday, May 24, 2013

Random Five Friday

Since I posted my trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway yesterday (and I hope you won't miss it so scroll down one post to take a look) I just couldn't let Random Five Friday go by and not join in. I hope you will check out Nancy's great meme 'cause I love it. You will, too.

1. Memorial day weekend and I am remembering a few of the fellows I knew who fought for our freedom. Like My Uncle Davis who fought in France in WWI, a friend Frank Smith who wrote me a V-Mail in WWII. There was my own sweet husband who fought in both Korea and Vietnam. We need to remember those who fought and died for our freedom.

2. I'm looking forward to going to the Smithfield Farmer's Market tomorrow. I hope to find some strawberries and other 'goodies'.

3. Even though I am home now I am still enjoying the trip to the mountains... aren't memories wonderful?

4. I watched a program about Erma Bombeck last night on tv. There wasn't but ONE Erma Bombeck and I miss her humorous take on life. I think I need to find one or more of her books to just sit and peruse.

5. As always, I  conclude with a little bit about my past.. In the late 1950s, when Elbert and I lived on Midway Island, we learned to square dance. That's him in the plaid shirt (with the green ink smeared on the picture!!) and me with the flower pinned to the back of my hair. Once we were stateside we found that it was difficult to dance to a live caller... we'd learned to dance to music on a recording. So, that ended our square-dancing days.


  1. My parents used to square dance to a live caller, fiddles and accordians, for some reason when I grew up we gave up SD'ing for jiving-go figure! That is a lovely #1...My Dad and Unlces, their friends and a lot of our little Canadian town were in WW2..

  2. Hi Latane, Erma? What a complete joy she was.

    My father and our hired men built a huge barn on our farm in the '50's. It had an extremely large hay mow above. Mom and Dad held a few square dances there before it needed to be filled with hay. We had a live caller, a neighbor, and I was so excited when my Dad would ask me to Dance... and boy, could he swing me!!! Then when we built the garage onto our farm house, we had square dances there, too, What memories, what fun!

    Yes, I want to thank Elbert and other vets for taking care of us and our freedom.


  3. Indoor P.E. in grade school was square dancing - I loved it!

    Popped by from Random 5 Friday.

  4. I hope you have a great Memorial weekend. I love the old square dancing picture.

  5. We love the parkway. Its about 15 minutes from us and I often drive there to run my long runs. Its hilly but gorgeous.

  6. Very interesting post!! I loved Square Dancing! We learned to a 'live' caller and then got some records which we found hard to follow :)

  7. Love Erma Bombeck's wonderful humor. :)

    And yes, it's important to remember the true meaning of Memorial Day! Where would we be without the men and women who fought and sacrificed for us?

  8. I remember watching my grandparents square dance - they loved it and I used to love my grandmas puffy skirts. Enjoy the farmers market this weekend!

  9. remembering our veterans with thanks, I miss Erma Bombeck too and square dancing...Don and I never had the chance so the last time was as a teenager :)

  10. Neat Random Fives... I always enjoy reading more about my blog friends. Bet you will get some delicious strawberries at the market...

    You can enjoy your trip on the Blue Ridge Parkway for years to come!!!!

    Love the old Square Dance Photo... I used to square dance a little --but didn't do it much or often.

    Hope you have a great weekend. Happy Memorial Day --and don't forget to thank God for our service men and women who do/did so much for us to keep us safe.


  11. What an interesting life you have lived! Lucky you. Square dancing....sounds like fun.

  12. I really like your picture of your uncle -- how neat to know this history. No square dancing in our family that I recall! :)

  13. I have always wanted to learn to square dance. i Like the square dancing picture, looks like so much fun and a work out.
    Happy Memorial Day

  14. I love the square dancing photo!

    Memories are indeed wonderful.
    We took a fast trip to upstate New York this past week.. it's so beautiful there.. I'm still reveling.

  15. Fabulous Random 5! Nice lead-in to Memorial Day too! Miss that sweet Dad! We all have so much to be thankful for for the guys (and now ladies too) who sacrifice so much for all of us!


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