Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Day Late, A Dollar Short

A day late, a dollar short.... that's me!! Even though it is Sat. I still wanted to participate in Random Five. Just love this meme! Go over and take a look.

Anyway, here I go........

1. I'm glad it has quit being cold but I wasn't ready to jump from 70 to 90 just overnight!

2. I hate it when my tv quits working. This makes the 4th time I've had to have someone out to see about 'no connection to satellite' problem since I got HD last Fall. And, that doesn't count the times it went out and then came back on by itself! Something's wrong in Denmark, for sure. Or Directv!

3. I'm counting days until my son and his wife move from Nebraska to Alabama. That was where Michael grew up and his wife is from there and besides, it's closer to Va. by about 10 hours driving time.

4. I hate watching all that destruction out in Oklahoma. Those people have gone through so much and I don't know how they keep on going but they do. I pray for some calm in their lives.

5. And, the random thought of my past.
Yep, that's me riding Charlie, my daughter's horse. I never was on a horse more than twice in my entire life I don't think. This picture was taken on our farm in Alabama (after Elbert retired from the Navy). The first time I was a teenager, sort of smitten on a young man who lived not far from me. One day he rode over on his horse and offered to let me ride. My Mom and step-dad were out in the yard watching my grand introduction to horseback riding and overheard the young man say, as I jogged down our lane, 'Watch her bounce'.  Last time I ever saw that guy. Oh well. I still bounce when the horse walks off with me.



  1. Where in Nebraska does your son live? I live close to Omaha by about 50 miles.

    Love the photo of you on Charlie!

  2. Nice that someone got your picture! The last time I 'rode' a horse was in the Smoky mountains. It was our 50th anniversary and our son and his family took us on a trip to celebrate. The horse I was supposed to ride, clearly didn't want me as a rider! He had to be brought around several times before he would let me mount. That should have been a clue! Duh! I got on and he took off through the trees and underbrush instead of on the horse path! He tried to go under limbs and rack me off, until I cried out for help. I sat in the car until the others got back! :( Guess I've ridden my last time!

  3. Ten hours is a lot closer!! Glad you joined in.

  4. you are never too late... ( :
    have a great weekend.

  5. I've been late many times - not to worry. It's wonderful your son is moving closer. I find it so difficult having my oldest 1000 miles away. The tv thing - annoying - sounds like a Direct tv thing, and I don't blame you for feeling frustrated. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  6. Such an endearing post-filled with love, kindness and energy!
    Love the Picture!

  7. You look good on a horse..... you can now come to Texas and ride a horse.! I've lived in Texas all my life and have only been on a horse one time, when I was 10 years old.

  8. Wonderful Random 5, Mom! Fun you sharing riding Charlie (and that earlier horse ride!) :-)

  9. Hi Latane, Glad your blog post is back today!!!! I know you will be happy when your son and family get a little closer... Hopefully, you can visit them more often.

    Sorry about your TV.. We've had DirecTV for years --and have two HD TV's in our house.. Have NEVER (knock on wood) had a problem with them... Hope they can fix your problems once and for all. That is frustrating.

    Love that photo of you on a horse. I only rode a horse once (as a teen) --and have never been on one again.. YES---I would have bounced!!!!


  10. We didn't have the best of luck with Direct TV, so I hope you resolve your troubles!


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