Friday, August 16, 2013

Random Five

It's that time of the week again. I'm linking this to Nancy's Random Five Friday

1. I love playing Word With Friends on Facebook. But, yesterday I found an app for my Kindle that is so much fun and so addictive and I play it by myself. It's Spell Tower. Oh my gosh... I play until my battery runs down, plug it up for a charge and then play again. You make words by connecting the letters together. When a word is made, the row drops down giving more options. Fun, fun, fun.

2. I used to think I'd like to take a cruise but I've changed my mind. Too many bad things happen on those cruises... illnesses...ships becoming disabled....murders.....people falling overboard.....ships sinking. I think I will keep my feet on dry land where I can also become sick, get disabled, fall or even murdered. Since I don't swim I can't imagine me sinking!

picture off the internet.

3. My hair dresser has been recovering from surgery so I let my hair go without a cut for way too long. You know that we gals can't do that!! I was looking like a shaggy dog. So, I went to a new hairdresser and love my cut. That just goes to show you... there is more than one way to skin a cat. Or get rid of a shaggy dog.

4. Last year I bought a small digital camera so I wouldn't have to wag my bigger one everywhere I went. We bloggers do love to have our cameras on hand all the time!!! After having it supposedly fixed three times I gave up. Bought me a new one and isn't it a cute little thing? I may lose this thing in the bottom of my purse, along with my keys (which I can never find) or the change that I drop down in that bottomless pit. It needs a 'find' button on it.

5. And, something from the past....

I love this picture I took when we lived on Midway Island. Father and son reading the newspaper. Yes, that's my sweet hubby, Navy Chief Elbert Barton with our son, Michael. I wonder what they were discussing? Hmmm.

                                                                                        Love and Hugs to all
                                                                           my Blog Buddies,


  1. i love the newspaper shot. that is perfect!! to great. ( :

    i am not so sure about a cruise myself ...not sure i would enjoy a boat ride that you could not get off when you wanted. only when it was arranged. think it would make me nervous.

  2. I'll have to check out the word game. I can't believe how addicted I've gotten to playing Candy Crush, Words with Friends and Pet Rescue. That's all I need is another game....LOL!!

    My android cell phone takes better pictures that my regular camera and its always with me...I love it. Your camera looks great.

    No cruises for me! Too many things happening with them. David and I took one cruise and it was the Greek Islands, I could never beat that anyway.

    On your previous blog post; I love the picture of you standing in your kitchen. You look beautiful!

    Love, love the picture with the newspapers....priceless!

  3. What a sweet photo of your husband and son.

  4. Your hair looks great...and I love the newspaper photo!! Have a great weekend! ~Karen

  5. Hurray for gifted stylists - Hurray for Ladies Happy with their Hair!!!

    Your new camera is cute, cute, cute!

    Gotta tell you - i agree about cruise ships. I continue to refuse . .

    Happy Week End!

  6. I love words with friends too. Yay for nice hair! !

  7. Love the newspaper picture! It is a very precious picture I can tell! I don't think that I would care to go ona cruise either! Your hair looks lovely!

  8. Latane,
    I know several people who also enjoy Words with Friends. There are so many Candy Crush fanatics too. I am not a gamer.

    I have mixed feelings on the cruise thing too. I everyone I have talked to that has gone on a cruise LOVES them. I think the Alaskan Adventure would be amazing.

    All girls need to go to the beauty shop! We deserve to treat ourselves every once in a while.

  9. Latane, what a great post. You've made me smile....your new haircut is super nice! I'll look for spell tower & see if 'Apple' has it. I'm with you with the smaller camera too. They are handier and you don't have to worry about it or lug the more expensive one around. Have a wonderful day dear friend...

  10. oh my that is a delightfully sweet photo of Michael and your hubby...probably the weather or you! I'm on my third lumix point and shoot and when I drop this one and have to replace it I'm picking up a coolpix, friends just LOVE them. The kindle game sounds fun...murder on cruise ships, yike! I did two short stints as a cruise ship nurse, it wasn't my thing either but people who go on them seem to get quite addicted to them, a good number of our guests were back for the 4 or 5th time, the odd one even more...have a great weekend.

  11. Great haircut and I just love that duo reading the papers photo! : )

    I have ZUMA on my computer and my little grandson begs to sit on my lap and have me play. Trouble is he keeps hollering GET THAT ONE! WIN, GRANDMA! GET THE BOMB! GET THAT ONE WITH THE ARROW! and on and on ....:)

    I would probably like this word game that you mention / I recall playing Bookworm alot a few yrs back

  12. Very nice post.

    Love playing Words With Friends with you!

    I know about those purses. My friend gave me a cover for my digital camera and I also keep flash drives on that cover. I might change purses, but I can find things in my purse.

  13. Sweet picture and memory of your hubby. Great haircut, too.

  14. Hi Latane, I'd still love to go on another cruise. We have only been on one --but it was fabulous...

    Love your haircut. Is your hair permed or naturally curly? My hair is SO SO SO straight.

    Love the new camera. Very nice. Hope you like it.

    Cute photo of "Like Father--Like Son"..

  15. I'm going to check into the word game, sounds fun. I love the last shot!

  16. What a great tip for our Kindles! Thank you, I just got the new "fire!"
    I love getting to know you and your hair cut and "do" look amazing! Oh and honestly Dad and Son-now that's a darling keepsake:)
    Warm Hugs,

  17. Oh my gosh that last photo melts my heart. What a wonderful photo.. I love your selfie shot. Your hair looks wonderful..

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.


  18. I like your hair cut! And that last picture is priceless!

    We went on a cruise two years ago but I didn't like it because the coffee was terrible and you weren't allowed any appliances so I couldn't make my own. I went thru coffee withdrawal and internet withdrawal at the same time! My poor husband had to put up with my grouchiness!

  19. Love the photo of your husband and sweet! I lose everything in my purse. My son calls it the abyss :) I am going to look up that game for my Kindle...sounds fun! Have a great week. Hopped over from Random 5, a few days late.


  20. Great Random 5 as always, Mom! Glad you found that fun word game. And what a neat little camera...hope you love the photos it takes! And I cruises! :-)


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