Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Last Look at Fall

Brrrrr.... Ole Man Winter has knocked on my door.

First of all I want to remind you to leave a comment so you can be entered in my give-away. The 16th is the final day.

Now, on to ole man Winter. Fall seemed so short this year. I am not ready to let it go so here are some pictures I took before it got cold. Hope you enjoy them.

Pumpkins for sale
Black cat magic
Sunlight through my maple tree
Pretty golden leaf
A tree in our little town
My daughter took this beautiful shot
The tree in front of our library
What would Fall be without cotton and pumpkins?
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  1. Love your blog! And can't wait to hear more about the book!!
    Happy Fall to ALL!!

  2. such fabulous fall colours...we passed a local pumpkin farm that must have had 1000's of them, in hundreds of crates...they were a paler orange than the ones here.

  3. Latane, your pictures are fabulous and they show up to perfection with your dark background. I sure enjoyed seeing them. Those leaves are beyond pretty! Have a nice day...Maggie Ann

  4. Lantane, the pictures are just beautiful! Autumn is my favorite time of the year. Love all the gorgeous colors in Fall.

  5. Beautiful, Latane. You and I were both on the save wave length today---both of us showing Fall photos…. Oh how I love Fall --and will miss it!

    Cold here today also..

    Gorgeous photos. Thanks!

  6. Hello Latane, We have a little snow on the ground and it is 35 degrees right now at 3:30 pm. So, it is so nice to see your fantastic sunny pictures. I really like the leaves with the sun shining through. But the one your daughter took is great also. Maybe she is going to follow in her mother's footsteps?

    Have a nice day!

  7. Love your pictures, Lantane. Remember our first November in Southern VA and seeing pink field after pink field of cotton. So pretty.

  8. November looks beautiful in your corner. It's fun to see a scene that is cotton in my corner!

  9. Love all your pretty fall colors. Yes, it feels more like winter than I would like!

  10. oh such pretty pictures!! i especially like the one of the sun shining through your maple tree! have a great weekend :)

  11. I just happened on your blog today. I recently have started my own blog but am finding it hard to find subjects to blog about. SO I go see what others write about and find inspiration. I'm sure I'll be back again.

  12. GORGEOUS! You are getting to be an amazing photographer! And all that beautiful fall color! I miss Virginia!

  13. Cotton and pumpkins! I love that! Great shots.

  14. Gorgeous fall color Latane! Thanks so much for stopping by today. PS, my new url for my blog is, in case you are having trouble finding me.

  15. What beautiful photos! You have some wonderful Fall foliage there! Love the big pumpkins, too! Enjoy your evening my friend!

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