Monday, February 3, 2014

Peeping Tom

I mentioned awhile back that I had a peeping tom. Scary right? What would you do if you had someone/something peeping in your window?

One day I heard this noise at my sunroom door, scratch, scratch, scratch....

Who or what could it be? Who was trying to get in?

Finally I see two bright beady eyes peeping around the window frame, staring at me......

'May I come in, please? I will be ever so good.'  Nope, little squirrel, you may not come inside.

So, he turns and starts scratching on the door again. See the door knob right about his head?
The next day he was back climbing up the side of my door and window frame (the door and window are side by side). What does that inquisitive little squirrel want!
Suddenly he leaped across the windows and fell to the ground. Gee, I wish I had a picture of that!Then I saw what he was after.....
My window birdfeeder that is stuck on the middle window. It was just too far for him to jump to. Sorry, squirrel... well, no I am not sorry. You have enough to eat out of the other feeders.


  1. Aww....what a cute little visitor....I think you should have let him in and shared your coffee with him....:) Great pics!!! Have a great week!

  2. That's probably the biggest squirrel I've ever seen!

  3. I throw bread crusts out for the squirrels. When I don't they come to the door an peer in at me eating breakfast. You caught yours in some cute poses.

  4. What gorgeous photos of your Peeper..funny little guy I wonder why he was so determined to eat out of that specific feeder?

  5. Call the police --and put that guy in JAIL... How dare him to be peeking in your house????? That's against the law!!!!!! ha ha ha.....

    Cute ones of the little curious squirrel. He just wants to come in and have a cuppa with you!!!

  6. Great shots, he is so pretty, but that last picture of the bird...ahhh....prettier yet.

  7. Those little rascals are nothing if not determined to eat the bird's seed! I haven't had to deal with squirrels this year. I think the outside cats have something to do with it. :) Would you like a couple? Cats, that is.

  8. They are certainly persistent, aren't they? (He probably hasn't completely given up on that feeder....!)

  9. It is adorable! I always throw some seed on the ground for the squirrels and the juncos...

  10. Love that furry little face peering in your door window. I know what you mean, they will eat whatever they can get to.

  11. He is so cute! I sometimes put out food for the squirrels on cold days, but not too close to the house because I worry about attracting mice.

  12. Your squirrel is just too cute! Glad he can't reach the feeder, though. :-)


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