Saturday, June 14, 2014

Tupelo Honey??? What????

Saturday morning wouldn't be Saturday morning if you didn't go to Smithfield Farmer's Market. That is, if you live within driving distance! It's such fun.

No wonder the market has been listed as one of the top 100 farmer's markets in the country!!

                                  By 10 a.m. the crowd had begun to meander among the various booths.

At a bakery booth I bought some home made cruissants. Sorry, no pictures. We ate the evidence, warm and dripping with butter and honey!

The honey... Oh yes, I bought some Tupelo Honey. The gentleman said that the bees got the nectar from a Tupelo tree. Now, I know there is a Tupelo, Mississippi but a tree???? Hmmm. Not sure about that. I found out there is, indeed, a tupelo gum tree that grows in the swampy areas of the Southeast. Like the old folks always say, "Well, live and learn". This honey was produced... by the bees, of course... and by Smiley Apiaries of Wewahitchka, Florida. No, he did not tell me to say that. I promise.

                           I love the taste and so I am going back next Saturday and get me some more!!
We wandered around. There were a lot of booths of various crafts as well as vegetables. I was looking for some red ripe tomatoes but found none. However, I gathered up three of these and we had fried green tomatoes for dinner tonight. It's a southern thing, you know.

Another booth that we visited had beautiful vegetables so I bought some squash and cucumbers. I chose the smaller pickling cucumbers over the regular ones. They taste better and last longer in the fridge.

and spring onions. These are bigger than I like but they were so healthy looking I just had to have some of them.

My last stop was at the Hardy Family Flower Booth. (They are from Sedley, Va.) I got flowers for my dining room table. Perfect ending to a perfect morning.

Have you visited a Farmer's Market lately? If you have the opportunity to go, I am sure you will find a bunch of goodies there! Besides, you are eating more healthy and supporting the local (and sometimes not so local as in the case of the Fl. honey) farmers.


  1. Our farmer's market just opened last Tuesday. They have it every Tuesday on the church lawn on the 4 corners of town. We have a huge garden but do not grow corn or some other things and this farm market is from local people in town that we know we try to buy. I love to go!

  2. The farmers market hasn't opened here yet. I am sure ready for some nice ripe tomatoes.

  3. I've always wanted to go to this farmers market, but keep forgetting. Next Saturday I definitely will. That honey sounds delightful.

  4. Well, I got to talk to you tonight, and hear all about this! The pictures just make it perfect! :-) Glad you were able to make some wonderful finds...and enjoy those fried green tomatoes for dinner!

  5. Honey with ham and green fried tomatoes sure sounds good.

  6. Stopping by to say Happy Father's Day.

    Looks like a great time at the Farmer's Market... Our little local Farmer's Market is on Wednesdays.


  7. Fried green tomatoes do sound good!

  8. we have a new one right around the corner that i haven't had a chance to try out yet. now that baseball season has ended, guess i can get over there now! i like those bottles the honey comes in and yeah, i never knew about the tupelo tree either!

  9. You have my mouth watering! Everything looks so good. I love a cheerful bouquet of fresh cut flowers.

  10. We have farmers Markets here,usually fruit, veg, eggs baked goods and relishes and jams.
    I don't eat honey but I like your story!
    How do you fry green tomatoes?Why would you pick green tomatoes and not wait for them to ripen to red or are they a special type of tomato?

  11. I intend to shop more at the farmer's market. On my last visit I found Elderberry Jelly--something I hadn't had since I was a kid. It still tastes as good as I remembered, too.

  12. The farmers market in the next town is open on Sat mornings and we will be there for sure, as is our weekly practice. We used to grow a very large garden years ago, but purchasing fresh what we plan to use in a week is much better. Your market is much larger than here, Latane, and the honey sounds wonderful...its my favorite over sugar.


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