Wednesday, July 30, 2014

First Stop - Gaffney, South Carolina

A week ago my dau. Shirley and I left for Alabama.
It's been quite a week! We put over 1700 miles on the car, covered 5 states and visited with three different families in three different cities. Plus... Shirley attended her high school reunion in another city. I think we did very well indeed.

I plan on 'entertaining' you with some photos and stories over the next couple weeks. So, come along as we start our journey.

                                      FIRST STOP:  GAFFNEY, SOUTH CAROLINA

Anyone who has ever been on Route I85 through Gaffney know that it's main landmark  is.....

                                                  The peach shaped water tower
Over the years the Barton clan has traveled I85 numerous times and we never went through Gaffney without a stop at Abbott's Peach Farm Market. How could we drive through without another stop.
Shirley and I shopped for jams and jellies. Hers was peach. Mine blackberry. And, I bought my sister some peach jam as a little gift upon my arrival at her apartment.
We chuckled over the odd named jars of jelly and jam and admired the jewel tones of the cider.
As always,  the peaches were bright and tempting. They smelled so good but we knew we had many miles to travel so we didn't buy any.

We put our purchases in the trunk of the car, piled into the front seats and took off down I85 once more.

Our destination: Montgomery,  Alabama and a visit with my sister!


  1. Happy to see you back.
    I have had frog jam before but not toe jam.

  2. What a grand trip glad all went well and you had a good time. Frog jam well I am not so sure I would try it:) Hug B

  3. i can almost smell those peaches! blackberry jam, yum!

  4. i know that peach. i love fresh peaches. so lovely & yummy. happy summer! ( :

  5. Looks like your trip was just "peachy" ... oh, I know, Bad Pun. Glad to see you back.

  6. What is toe jam made of? And traffic jam? With names like that they have to be tried out on bread and butter.

  7. Hi Latane, so happy that your trip was a fun one so far. Isn't it funny that there tends to be certain places that we JUST HAVE TO STOP AT? Those peaches looked so delicious. I love peaches. Looking forward to hearing about the rest of your trip!


  8. Oh, I can SMELL the peaches! I love that place! Especially have always enjoyed that awesome water tower. This sure brings back memories! The names of the jams were TOO funny! Glad you are home!

  9. I didn't remember the name, Gaffney, but I do remember that peach!


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