Friday, July 11, 2014

Willy-Nilly Friendship

             I think...

I don't work so why should I care if it is Friday or not? The feeling seems to be a hangover from days gone by when we had to watch the clock and the calendar. Now, not so much.

Today I am linking with Tanya at Willy-Nilly Friday  and with Friendship Friday .  Come over and join in the fun.

1. For the past two days we have had severe thunderstorms. The rain was so heavy it was hard to see my lake. I call it MY lake but of course it belongs to the apartment complex. During weather like we've had it is so nice to know that I have friends nearby if I need them.

2. I enjoyed sharing my meal of General Tso's chicken with a friend at China Moon. He even gave me his fortune cookie! Now, I have two fortunes to look forward to!

3. Imagine my surprise at being served by a COW..
            yep, I was at Chick-fil-a when a cow took my order making the old saying
                                                                   'Eat More Chicken' take on a whole new meaning.

4. I have a furry friend. You see, they won't let you have bird feeders at the apartment 'cause they make too big of a mess'.  I am used to feeding the birds year round so that was a let down. Instead I took up feeding the squirrel that lives in the woods behind my apartment. I place a handful of cracked corn and sunflower seeds on the walking trail. Mr. Squirrel is so happy and so am I.

5. We all need a helping hand from time to time. My 3 year old great-grandson climbed up in the maple tree in my (former back yard and then discovered that it looks so far down to the ground. Help, Nana!




  1. i am trying to recall what my hubby told me - something about if you dress up & go to Chick-fil-a the will give you a free meal? i think that is what it was??!

    have a great weekend!! ( :

  2. lucky you getting served by the cow!! your grandson is so cute and what a lucky squirrel to be your neighbor! have a super weekend :) and thanks for playing!

  3. The cow server gave me a good laugh!

  4. I am with you about the Friday thing. When I retired I took my watch off every day I worked had to watch the time so close, and now every day is a week-end. Fun ,great post!

  5. The story of the cow serving you made me laugh. So nice to have your great grandson near.

  6. When I worked I couldn't wait for Friday! Now it is just another day!

  7. Hope you are having a good evening. We are getting much needed rain tonight.
    That is so cute about you feeding the squirrel. They are quite entertaining.

  8. What a cutie up the tree! Glad that you've found a way to make yourself content with feeding the squirrel. He is a blessed squirrel!

  9. Hi Latane, your great grandson is a real cutie! Isn't it fun to have the little ones around? My son and daughter in law will be having a baby in august. We were all surprised by so very happy. It is a little baby boy. Did I tell you this? How is the new apartment? I have been wondering. Jim keeps saying that maybe we should do something like that. We have a ton of lawn and a gig garden. I was wondering.

    I hope you have a relaxing and happy week ahead!


  10. I toss birdseed on the ground too. The birds still find it, too.
    Children just have to climb trees don't they? It's nice to think your grandson had you for his safety net : )

  11. Hi Latane,lovely photos and it is nice to have a squirrel calling! Your lovely grand son looks a bit of a character and I am sure it isn't the first or won't be the last time he has to be rescued out of the tree!

  12. It is harder to keep track of the days, I have to check my calendar daily to keep the focus. It always messes me up when hubby has a holiday! I'm glad you found a furry friend to nurture. I often think of that, to move and not have birds around all the time. I'm not ready to give them up.

  13. Good Willy Nilly Friday Five! Hope you have better weather now. The pic of the great grand in the tree reminds me of once that happened with our grandson at Williamsburg! :-) Love your sweet little squirrel. I bet he will get used to you after some time.


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