Saturday, August 9, 2014

Tooling Around Athens

Athens, Alabama is located in Limestone County near the Tennessee border. My son and his wife have been living there for one year and this was my first visit down to see them. So, they took me around the place, pointing out first this thing and then that.  Here's a brief look at our 'tooling' around Athens.

This is the courthouse in Athens. That's an interesting dome on top and look at that wind vane that perhaps it serves as a lightning rod as well.

                                                        We stopped at the duck pond.

                                Two old 'geezers' discussing the three people watching them.

 We wondered why this duck did not swim with the others. Well, that duck can't swim. He's a decoy.

                                                                 Pretty flowers nearby.

My son took me to lunch at LuVici's. They opened in 2002. What a Southern treat that was. Chicken dressing just like my Mama used to make, mashed potatoes that were out of this world, fried corn and cornbread. If you are ever in Athens you certainly need to stop in. They say that breakfast is outstanding, as well. I got this picture of LuVici's off

In the same building was U. G. White's store. It was started in 1917 and sells a bunch of old-timey things. This bicycle was on display.

Nails of every size in big aluminum scoops.
Peanuts were roasting
What a fun outing.


  1. Great photo's and I bet it was fun.

  2. Great shots! Love this sweet little town and can't wait to see it myself some time (I hope!) :-) You should link up with Bird d'Pot for the ducks! I wonder why there was a decoy in the pond??? Also, some of the items would be great for Roan's Rubbish Tuesday. Her meme is pretty new and she features shots of older things, but doesn't have many people each week yet. I won't be posting this week with her, but maybe next week.

  3. Hi Latane, What a wonderful vacation you are experiencing! So many pretty sights. the courthouse is beautiful. I love the weather vane. I am so glad you have taken all of us along. Very enjoyable!


  4. You've been having some fun times visiting all the sights and sites. It is fun to see how things change and how some things do not.

  5. If you hadnt mentioned the duck was a decoy I would never have thought otherwise.
    I have heard that this is a nice area to visit and would love to go there sometime. I do like roasted peanuts especially while they are still warm.
    Have a great week ahead

  6. those hibiscus are so pretty. gorgeous color. i love the old bike. i always wonder who folks ride one of those. how do you push yourself up on them? guess it is easier to get down. ( :

    have a great week!


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