Monday, September 22, 2014

A Trip Across The James

The day Leslie and I went to Williamsburg, we had to go across the James River. It is SO wide that it looks sometimes like you are looking at the ocean. This is the area where the settlers landed and set up housekeeping in this part of the world at Jamestown.

While we waited for the ferry to come pick us up, I had fun watching the seagulls. I wonder why they are all facing the same way.
Once aboard we got out of the car and enjoyed the cool breeze as we crossed the water. And, of course, we took pictures.

Here are some more pictures I took while we strolled the streets of Colonial Williamsburg.
You find pretty little gardens tucked in here and there amid the houses.
I loved this doorway. Many of the houses are individually owned and as tempting as it would be to live in a huge, old house in that setting I don't think I would want tons of people walking by staring into my yard.... or taking a picture of my doorway.
This is the Bowden-Armistead house, another view

A lot of times, on Monday, I post a tip form the 'Secrets of Longevity' book that I am reading.

Today the info was on 'Stop Eating Dead Foods'. Do you ever wonder how many days it took for your food to reach you. By the time it gets to your table the nutrients are about gone. And, they have been preserved (to make the long trip) with nitrogen and other artificial means. While in the field they are treated with pesticides and artificial fertilizers. It just makes you question what it is you are really putting in your mouth... or have you ever thought about it.

Buy local meats and vegetables whenever possible. Buy organic if you can. We are poisoning our bodies with chemicals and these things can make you sick. Be healthy, eat healthy food.


  1. I loved reading your thoughts on 'dead food'. I always think about when I eat out, dining at a restaurant, just what goes in their food preparations too. The additives the CHEFS add can also be harmful...doubling our poisons. right?

    LOVE your photos of your river crossing excursion. Such a beautiful area. So quaint...full of Old American Charm.

  2. I love taking that Jamestown ferry. Its one of the pleasures of living in this area. You got such nice pictures of the columns and features of the Old Williamsburg homes.

  3. The ferries in our posts took us to such different places. Nice photos.

  4. Each picture at Williamsburg brought back so many wonderful memories for me. I enjoyed it there but you are right...there is a ton of walking.

    It was so great this year to have our garden again. We fed four families with all the produce in Jim's garden. It was so nice (and healthy) to go out and pick a tomato for dinner.

    Hope you are having a lovely fall - starting today!

  5. Love Colonial Williamsburg. Christmas is beautiful there.

    We try to eat locally but it seems that the prices go up so much at the stands here every year, I think sometimes they take advantage of the idea of eating local and charge so much more.
    I wonder to how poluted the earth is that the veggies come from. I try to garden , but critters always seem to get the best part of it.

  6. So glad to hear your "go organic" mantra, Mom! :-) Good job! Love the photos! They are beautiful! Love (and miss) the James and Williamsburg. You got some wonderful shots!

  7. Great pics of your time in Williamsburg and on the river - very nice pic of you too!

    As I mentioned before I've been vegetarian 35+ years - but still I'm concerned as to what I'm eating at times. I much prefer to cook and eat at home over going to restaurants - and I never eat fast food anywhere. Organic is not really necessary according to many - and today I was looking for leeks and when I saw the price of the organic version I almost choked - $1.98 for ONE!!!!! Talk about robbery. When I make leek and potato soup I require at least 6 (the green part has to be thrown out) , that soup would be so expensive!

    Happy week dear -

  8. We have only visited Williamsburg once, Latane, but it was a fun trip as well. This is a perfect time of year to have been there with cooler temps and less crowds. Looks like you had a great trip!

  9. the james river is so impressive. the head of the james isn't too far from where we live and stretches waaaaayyyyy up there!

  10. Looks like a lovely day for your trip. I haven't been on the ferry over there in ages. The more we think about our food, the less we want to eat! Nice photo of you.


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