Friday, October 24, 2014

Wild Horses and Fences

It's Friday already but I am going to hope that Good Fences is still up and running. You ought to check that link out. Lots of fascinating fences for you to see.

My fences come from a tour of the Wild Horses in Corova, North Carolina that I took recently.

We drove along the beach for many miles ....

This is an old Coast Guard Station. Used by a realty company now but still maintains it's charm.

The wild horses have free range and ignore the fences surrounding the beach houses. Only 1/3 of the land is public with 2/3s privately owned, yet the horses really own it all!

Aren't they beautiful. These horses have been in this area for about 500 years. Well, not these specific horses but the off-spring of the originals continue to live here and are protected by the Corolla Wild Horse Fund.

Another beauty.

These horses accessed this yard by scooting past a protective wire 'gate'. They are allowed to do that, even get underneath any house that sits on stilts above the sand.

Only the fence post remain in this yard. Guess the people gave up trying to keep this mule from breaking through. I believe the guide said that this was the only mule here, left by someone who had brought in mules. It's not part of the original horse group.

It was a fun trip and one I thoroughly enjoyed. How often is it that we get to see wild horses? I was a bit put-off by the houses. I thought the horses would be out in the wild. And, some were. Later on I will post some more pictures of the horses, those I took that didn't have fences in them.


  1. i think it's great they're protected, but i'm not sure i'd enjoy them all around my house and yard (just based on when my neighbors' cattle and/or mules get out and run around run*a*round!) but, still. very unique beauties, there.

    thanks, latane!

  2. Oh I love everyone of these. Hug B

  3. We have seen the wild horses more than once but have not been on the actual tour. I am so happy they are there, and used to be so upset about all the development (and horses killed by cars) before they designated an area just for them. But as you say, they pretty much go wherever they want to! :-)

    Got your email, and will write soon. I had assumed since you hadn't looked at my last two posts that you had gone on to the mountains, ahem...just a hint here, please check them both out before you leave town again! :-) Love you!

  4. The beach is a cool place to see the wild horses. It reminds me of Assateague and Chincoteague Va with the wild horses seen there. Great post. Have a happy weekend!

  5. O, I love your photos of fences and wild horses. Beach fences are my favorite.

  6. Thanks so much for your comments on my blog posts Mom! I always hate it when you miss one of my posts, and I know you'll only be home a couple more days. Why don't you connect this post to Eileen's Saturday's Critters and Misty's Camera Critters today. Hope you have an awesome weekend!

  7. Anything to do with horses, I love....Although I have not been on a horse in years, my younger days were spent exercising and riding all my Dad's horses on our farm. When I was little I had my Grandma's small horse to have and do with as I wanted. Oh what a joy she was. Her name was Honey and I loved her so.

    Your beach fences are great!


  8. aren't they beautiful! i love that they truly own the land! we haven't been here yet but have seen the wild horses at cumberland island :) wonderful photos!


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