Friday, November 21, 2014

Excitement Abounds.

Mercy, where do I start this Friday morning. It's time for Five Thoughts  and  Friday Fragments

Let's see.... sure a lot going on this week. I guess I will just jump into the pot and see what happens.

1. It got cold, you all. Guess we can kiss Fall goodbye and drag out the heavy coats and mittens.
    I really dread what I suspect will be a very bad winter. At least I live this far south.

2. I received the first shipment of my book this week. It was pretty neat, opening that box and seeing
    my books lying there inside. Cool.

3. I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving. I have a ton of things to be Thankful for this year. It will
    be wonderful spending the day with family, eating and laughing and enjoying.
    What are you doing on Thanksgiving?

4. I had a dang washing machine start smoking on me while I was doing laundry the other day.
    Scared the beegeebees out of me. The kitchen (where the washer, dryer is) was filled with smoke
    but I could see no flames. Called the apartment office. No answer. Called maintenance - got an
    answer machine. Knocked on a couple doors - no one home. However, I had been on the phone
    with Dau. Shirley when I discovered it and she called Leslie and he rushed up here and .... in
    true fashion..... saved the day. I'll have a new belt on my washer in a couple days.

5. I am beginning to think about Christmas. It's getting close. It's a little scary to me and I always
    get in a panic every year trying to get things done. I hope I have sense enough this year to not
    do that.

Now, let's see if you have five things floating around in your head that you'd like to share to others.
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  1. We are trying to get our Christmas shopping done early, but with no snow on the ground and not really cold temps, there is no holiday spirit yet ;-)

    I have always wanted to write a book, but I know how hard it is to do, so that is on the back burner till the kids are older.

    I would be pretty worried if my washer or dryer started smoking! Thankful it was just a belt.

  2. Hi exciting to have a shipment of your own work to be delivered!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  3. I wonder every time I do the laundry if my washer will make it. It is more than 15 years old and keeps on chugging.

  4. A box of books! So exciting Mom!!! That had to be scary about the washer, but glad Leslie figured out what was wrong. I know what you mean about Christmas barreling down on us. We have an added element, another child as you know, to our lives this year and I will fill you in the next time I email. Things are going well though. Love you and miss you!

  5. Hi There, YES--it has been COLD---too cold for November.. But--it is supposed to warm up this weekend, so I hear!

    So proud of you about your book... Such a wonderful accomplishment... Congrats.

    I love Thanksgiving too --and we'll get to see some of our children/families. We all do have so much to be thankful for, don't we?

    Sorry about your washing machine... Glad you can get it repaired so easily.


  6. How exciting to see a box full of your book!
    Enjoy Thanksgiving with your family.

  7. When I finally get through Thanksgiving them I will give Christmas its due.

  8. #1 Do you really know what cold is?
    #2 Good news!
    #3 Over eating!
    #4 Holy smokes!
    #5 Chill out and have a happy!

    Tom The Backroads Traveller

  9. glad to hear you are ready for Christmas. that is fun!! i have you ask - where did your first name come from? a family name? or? so curious. ( :

    i linked up from my other blog today

  10. So GLAD your washing machine will be fixed soon. The smoke would have scared me too!

  11. That would have scared me too if my washer had started smoking. Someone should warn them about the dangers of smoking (sorry).
    Glad you got it taken care of.
    Yes I bet it is exciting to see your book in print like that.
    No big plans for Thanksgiving. It's not a big family event for my family.
    Just a nice small dinner so we don't over eat and I don't spend too much time in the kitchen.
    Christmas shopping is usually a mad rush for me. I fret a lot but it always comes together.

  12. Wow! Your book! I know this must be exciting. What is it about? I've thought I would write my parents story but nothing is coming to me. My mom wrote their story filled with lots of good material but not all grammatically correct. She always wanted me to rewrite it. I need some inspiration.

  13. that is so exciting, a box of your own books!! scary about the wash machine but glad it wasn't more serious..yes, this cold...i'm not ready for it! i cook for is just us..ashlyn will be home from school, i think her boyfriend will probably come over..going to go do my thanksgiving shopping tomorrow...and then yeah, gotta get started on that christmas list! have a great weekend and thank you for linking!!

  14. LOVE the gif! Congrats on the book! It's a wonderful feeling when a labor of love finally has a product :)

    On Thanksgiving Day, Mr.4444 and I will be cooking a turkey, etc. without a stove; should be interesting!

    Thanks for linking up! Have a great weekend.

  15. It is exciting to see your book in print, congrats.. I am not enjoying the cold weather at all. I need to get on the ball with the Christmas shopping.. Happy Sunday!

  16. I'm so glad someone came to help you out with the washing machine! Excited for you about your book. Well, for today, you know is 70 around here, but I already got out my sweaters too, it gets cold in the night! Christmas can be scary for me too, all those expectations!


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