Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Stamping Set

I think the older we get, the more we hang onto memories of the past. It is a bad thing if we do too much of it. To live in the moment is good, to have hope for the future is even better. I do a lot of all three. My days are just filled full!!

                                         Now, where in the world did all that come from?

                                                                    Who knows.

It's time for Rubbish By Roan today and just looking at some of my photos in my Rubbish file just set me off on a trip down memory lane, I guess.

When I was small, Mom and I lived with my aunt during the school year. She was a teacher and I saw her doing a lot of her after-school teaching chores. Same as today. The school day did not end when the school bell rang.

I remember her making posters to tack up around the walls of her room,
                                             to teach the kids their letters,

None of this printing off the computer stuff back then. No siree...

                                                       She used this letter stamp set....

Oh what a task that must have been...........


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