Friday, March 6, 2015

Randomosity of the Brain

                                       I love Tanya's Willy Nilly Friday.

It's a way of 'unloading' all your feelings and thoughts and boy, doesn't that feel good when you have shared it with others. Sometimes we need understanding, sometimes love, sometimes we just need to be 'taken down a notch or two' (as my mother would say). And there you all are.... just loving and understanding and being my friend. You are the best!

                                        1. How do we get ourselves into things?
By saying 'yes', that's how. And, that's what I did. I said yes I would redo our birthday bulletin board for the community room. Right now I am covering it with a piece of fabric I had. When I am finished I will be sure to post a picture of how it turned out. Right now, I am not a too willing participant in this project. How to fix that? Say 'No'.

                                   2. Why do cute little cafes squeeze themselves in between
         a row of stores where hungry customers have no chance of finding a parking spot? Remember me telling you ( 2 posts back) that I was going to get me a chicken salad sandwich at Simply Susan's. Well, that didn't happen. No parking space available for blocks. I am not going to walk a mile for a chicken salad sandwich or anything else for that matter!! So there.

                                3. How many of you are ready for some warmer weather?
I am so sick and tired of freezing my hiney off every time I stick my head out the door. Whoops, I got that backward. My hiney was covered, my head was not. Anyway, we had 70 degree weather Wednesday and sleet on Thursday. The weather has gone C R A Z Y.

                                 4.  Movie night here at The Commons is tonight.
What's showing?  "Fury", a WWII movie.  And, next week Leslie and I are planning on seeing "American Sniper". Do you see a trend here? Do you think in a million years that war movies are my pick.... nope. I rather see a girly flick but sometimes we gals do what the guys want so that hopefully they will reciprocate! Right?

                                                  5. I was told I probably had celiac
(that's where you can't eat anything with grain in it) so I started buying gluten free whatever I could find. There's not a lot out there for good choices. Then the doc says the tests came back negative. So, I start eating a bit of bread, pie, crackers here and there and the tummy started screaming bloody murder. So, I evidently am gluten intolerant. Back to the gluten-free stuff. Any of you having this problem?

                                                                       Have a wonderful weekend. Love you all



  1. oh i find myself in that same jam as you did in #1 but i can't wait to see the finished product...i'm sure you will do a great job! yes, i agree about cute places and bad parking! boo!! we saw fury, it was good...nick saw american sniper the day it came out..he snuck out at lunch so i didn't get to go...i'll wait for dvd i guess...have a great weekend and stay warm! thanks for linking latane!!

  2. We have Roku and subscribe to Amazon Prime which has Fury available to rent. We usually order a movie on the weekend, and Fury is on our list for this weekend. I really have no desire to see Sniper, though. My sister-in-law has been a life-long vegetarian, and this past year she became gluten intolerant, too. Seems many folks are anymore. Wonder what's going on. I've been having stomach trouble the past few weeks, but it seems like it may be gall bladder....I take a statin, and have heard they promote gall stones, so that's why I'm thinking gall bladder. Similar symptoms to those of my sister-in-law.

  3. #1 Yes and No are great words.
    #2 Buy a bike, problem solved.
    #3 I'm not excited to return to snow!
    #4 I think that the last movie I saw was Love Story.
    #5 What a relief!
    Tom The Backroads Traveller

  4. # 1. Sounds like something I would get myself into :)
    # 2. That scenario always seems to apply to those cute little cafes and sandwich shops!
    # 3. Yes, I am more than ready for Spring! We still have a little sleet and snow lingering.
    # 4. Last night we watched "You've Got Mail". I hate shows with violence and bad language!
    # 5. Oh My! Seems like lots of folks are finding out they are gluten intolerant!

  5. Yep we can all benefit at times from using the "No." word but I think it's nice you said yes and would love to see the finished board.
    I might walk to eat something I really liked but it is to bad there wasn't better parking.
    We didn't have snow this winter so I'm happy and it's almost spring which makes me even happier.
    I don't have problems with Gluten but if you look around you can find more & more stores are carrying gluten free products.

  6. Good post, Mom! Got your email too & will answer soon. Sorry you are having to do that bulletin board. :-) Let me know how you like American Sniper...we haven't been yet! :-(

  7. I use the word "no" a lot. I find people don't care for it :), but that is okay with me.

  8. Lots of people these days seem to need gluten-free foods.... AND because of this new interest, there are more and more recipes on the internet, etc. AND more and more restaurants offer gluten-free entrees.... Do your research.

    We want to see American Sniper... I loved Chris Kile and respected him.

    YES---I am ready for warmer weather and SPRING... And ---YES---I learned to say NO and not be guilty. Good luck with your bulletin board.


  9. So sorry you are having pain. My 30 yr old nephew has the same problem. Funny how expensive the gluten free foods are too. I am ready for Spring, too. We were without power for 50 hours here in GA 2 weeks ago - miserable! Glad you and Leslie can get out to the movies and next time, you choose the picture! Enjoy your day.

  10. A lot of my friends are gluten intolerant; it's becoming easier for most to find items without. Good luck.
    I'm more of a chick-flick girl too....but we do what we've got to do. :)
    And saying yes seems to be an illness all it's own. Have a great weekend and stay warm.

  11. Good Morning, Sweetpea!

    It's always good to see your light pop on on my side-board. It's also wonderful to see that broad, sunny NO SNOW street, even though you DID miss the Chicken Salad! Wish you were here right now---I'd MAKE you some.

    Hope you get the tummy troubles straightened out---I have no advice at all, except that I always buy a couple of bags of gluten-free crackers for a GF friend for our Christmas tea. This year she forgot to take them on home with her, so Chris and I ate them in January, and they were DELICIOUS. They're called "Crunchmaster" and come in several flavors.

    And, just to get it on record: "My hiney was covered, my head was not" will go down as MY blog-giggle for the week.


  12. Thanks for joining in my friend. Very sweet of you to share your random 5 at my blog. xo

  13. This was interesting and fun! I am sorry about your tummy-tummy issues are no fun ( period) Winters here are nice, it's the Summers that do us in, by August we are ready to relocate every year! Just glad there is an end in sight for you!
    It was great hearing from you, thank you for stopping by!

  14. My husband went through the same thing. Decided to go on a gluten free diet, felt so much better, lost 12 pounds, his gut felt better. His doctor tested him, lab work was negative. Went back on gluten as he missed his bread. Stomach still hurts. He's already lactose intolerant and faithfully avoids all dairy except goat cheese. Now when I ask him to try a sugar free diet again with me he wonders what else he'll have to give up in life!

    You are so right about the things we get ourselves into! Just say no.


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