Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Ospreys

It's a beautiful morning! So, I take my Bible out on the balcony for a few moments of reading and meditation. But, out of the corner of my eye I catch movement on the cell tower.

                                               Good grief, there are three guys climbing up.

I immediately start wondering and worrying about the osprey. They just settled down in their nest a few days ago.

 Will the repairmen disturb them enough so that they abandon their home? I would be very upset if they did.

The men climb higher and higher and finally reached the three platforms. And, they set to work.

In the meantime, the birds are circling around and around the tower, coming close, flying higher and then disappearing only to return and circle some more.

 I hope those guys hurry up and get off that thing.... the tower belongs to the osprey.

I just wonder why the repairs could not have been done last week when the birds were still on their flight back from South America.  Who knows. I don't.

So, I am keeping my fingers crossed so that the work is soon completed and the birds can get settled back down in their nest.

P. S.  After the men worked for 4 hours (and drove those osprey insane) I am happy to report that the men are gone and the osprey are back on the nest.


  1. God is in His Heaven and all's right with the world!

  2. Boy! do we feel better, snow gone ,sun shine and warm.

  3. I am glad the Ospreys returned to their nest! Great series!

  4. So thankful the Ospreys are back. I know those were very tense hours for you to watch and wait.

  5. Glad to hear everything worked out ok! I hope those repairmen like heights...

  6. such a troubling time for those poor birds, as if someone were invading our homes!! so glad they are done!!!!

  7. How upsetting! Those poor osprey! I am glad they are nesting again but so sorry they were disturbed for so long! Glad they went back to the nest when it was all over!


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