Sunday, April 19, 2015


I may be the last person on earth to discover this product but I am a bit slow at times, wouldn't you say? hehe

I was just wondering if you had noticed these cute little PLASTIC BOXES (sort of like the box your feller brought your corsage to you in).
                         Well, these don't have corsages inside.

But, let me back up a bit... set the groundwork on this discovery tale, so to speak.

                                               I cook for one now.

Well, let's face it. I do cook for two whenever Leslie (that's my feller) is over for dinner. He'll eat salad but only because I made it.

So, when I would buy a HEAD OF LETTUCE I would have to toss at least half of it out. Same way with packaged salad fixings. I was wasting money and I just couldn't do that!

Then one day I saw this plastic box thingy in the produce section of the local grocery store. It was dang LETTUCE! I got me one. Just for the novelty of the idea.

Once home I opened up the box and sure enough it was a full head of lettuce.

It was still attached to it's root, for gosh sakes.

And, in the bottom of that little box was an indentation  where the root sat...

 So, I just poured a tad of water into that little well, closed the lid and put it in the frig.

                                                 That lettuce lasted forever!

Now, I have to tell you. That head wasn't very big but I don't need big.

Okay. No more wasting money. Always having fresh lettuce to eat.

I am in L
                           with a cute little head of lettuce in a plastic box.


  1. It is cute, I've never seen them like this! Thanks for sharing, happy Sunday!

  2. I remember being so delighted when those lovely little heads of "special lettuce" would appear in the produce section of our small-town Kroger. It's such a wonderful texture and colour, and makes the nicest "wraps" with chicken and whatever condiments and veggies you want to serve in little hand-bites.

    And of course, a scoop of special apple-and-pecan Chicken Salad on a leaf of that---you could set that right down before the Exalted Grand Matron on her yearly visit, and be proud. With a deviled egg and a little round of spiced apple, of course.

    There are too many of us, having salad so often, to keep any of those going for long, but we surely do LIKE it.


  3. I did a blog about the lettuce last year it is the best way to buy lettuce for just the two of us.
    Glad you found it.

  4. I have bought this lettuce before and it was so good...and so fresh!

  5. I must look for this next time I venture out to Kroger at Starkville :)

  6. I love this kind of lettuce! But I didn't realize you should put a little water in the well. Since I buy the pack from Costco that has 3 heads in it I will try that. What I love about it, besides the taste, is that I can pull off the leaves as I need them. We used to call this lettuce Butter lettuce or Bibb lettuce. I even use it to replace bread sometimes by wrapping the leaves around the sandwich material.

  7. Isn't that cool?! I don't know how I lost touch with you. I'm not thrilled with google+.
    I'm so happy for you, a friend!
    I firmly believe that even if we throw some of it out, we are helping the farmers keep in production.
    Our dumb fridge freezes veggies. We do compost it!
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

  8. Thanks for sharing this. I've not seen these yet. Maybe our Krogers will have them. Now I'm on the hunt....

  9. Latane, you have to keep up with the times! Tom The Backroads Traveller

  10. I learned something today...I didn't know they needed watering. What an awesome idea!


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