Saturday, May 30, 2015

June is a Busy Month

Along about the end of every month I begin getting 'antsy'. I want to see the next month's calendar from The Commons, just to see what's available in way of activities. I like to stay busy and this is the place to do it.  Well, yesterday I saw this blue sheet of paper sticking in my door and yep, it was the calendar.

Right away I sat down and picked out what I wanted to do. I thought I'd scan it and let you see what all we do. I don't do the sewing anymore but coupled with my own personal 'have to' things I just don't have time to do everything they have for us to do.

                              Let's take a look at the calendar.

Yes, I am very active in the book club. Just finished 'Grey Mountain' which we will discuss on Monday the 1st.

I go to game night just about every Wednesday night. We usually play dominoes but may take up other games later on.

And, the first Friday night is movie night. This month they are showing 'River Wild'. I don't think I am familiar with that one. Have any of you seen it? Give me a heads-up if you have.

Sometimes I take the van with the others to go grocery shopping but only if they go to a grocer I usually don't go to. It's fun to see what different stuff different stores have.

And, on the 12th we are having a banana split social. That ought to cool us off a bit during this hot weather.

I can't wait til the 18th. We are having a Fancy Tea Party with our fancy hats being judged and we'll have little sandwiches, a variety of tea and lots of fun.

We have bingo once a month (the staff oversees that and furnishes our gift cards for prizes) but we residents decided we wanted a MONEY game. I missed the first one. I was at the beach. But, this month, I hope I am here to play bingo again, for money. Hot dog.
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I have enjoyed our monthly trip to a restaurant ever since I moved in to this 55+ community, which by the way, was thirteen months ago. They take the van and always go some place with yummy food and good atmosphere. And, we residents always have a great time just chatting while we eat. In June we are going to the Smithfield Station in Smithfield. I've been there many times. It's a great place to go. Hmmm, let's see. Wonder what I will order this time. I'll be sure to let you know after we go.

                                                                              What do you have planned for the month of June?


  1. It is nice you have so many activities you can join in on thru-out the month. The book club, movies, and the games all sound like fun! The banana split social sound yummy. I like trying out new restaurants. You have your calendar full of good times. Enjoy and have a happy weekend!

  2. You do have it full already! June brings a visit here of my granddaughter (16 mo) with my daughter and son-in-law. They'll be here almost a week. There's a theatre presentation to attend, visit from old friends of my husband for the weekend, a hike, nephew's graduation, a church picnic, plus my first ever garden club event. Filling up the dates here too!

  3. I would enjoy all of these activities, I like to keep busy as well. I played bingo recently with a group of friends and we had lots of fun!! Staying active and surrounding yourself with friends is just so important!!

  4. You really have a busy schedule but I'm sure it's so much fun with different activities to keep you busy. I enjoyed reading about your schedule. Have a great day.

  5. It sounds like your month will be filled with a lot of fun!

  6. So many fun activities, Mom! It looks like they mean to keep you busy! Hope you win at bingo! :-)

  7. Sounds like a great place Latane. Our RV resort community has some of that during the season, but now that most have gone back up North we are on our own. What we don't have here or where we'll be in the summer (in oregon) is transportation. And we realize that we have to be ready to make some changes when we get to the point where we can't drive. (Just hope we recognize when it's time! )


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