Thursday, June 18, 2015

A Visit To Edenton (part #2)

We are still at the harbor in Edenton. We've been through the Penelope Barker house of which you can read about     HERE      .

Now, we will wander about the little park nestled at the end of Broad Street. The view of the Albemarle Sound is so peaceful, serene and delightful.

Boats are anchored at the pier. 

The Revoluntionary War Cannons

Cast iron Revolutionary War-era cannons were shipped to Edenton in the spring of 1778. They had been commissioned by Va. and N. C. from Marseilles, France. Once they arrived in Edenton they discovered that N. C. could no longer pay for them. In 1861 the cannon were mounted at the foot of the Courthouse green as a battery against Union invaders. 

In 1928 three of these cannons were mounted in their current location. We find one British 6 pounder located here as well as one British 1 and a half pounder.

There was a boat tour of the Albemarle Sound but it was just way too hot to be out in the sun for more than a few minutes at a time. Maybe next time when the temperature is lower. 

Next, I'll post about the Roanoke River Lighthouse
Stay tuned for that!!


  1. Nothing more relaxing than water and boats at a pier. Those trees have very interesting shapes!

  2. It's been about 30 years since I visited here, but I remember the scenery fondly. Have fun. Stay cool.

  3. Looks like a beautiful spot. The heat sure is putting a damper on having fun outdoors!!

  4. Looks like you are having a good time despite the heat. What a nice getaway you planned for your friend. I've never been to that part of NC, but it looks like I should plan a trip someday (when it's a lot cooler, perhaps).

  5. Oh how awesome, Mom! I am so enjoying your posts of your trip. I looked to see if I could find a book about Penelope, and she is mentioned as part of a host of Rev. War female heroes in a book that I have placed on my list to get later. In reading Unlikely Allies I am at the part where the behind the scenes finangling is going on to secure financial support from France for arms, so this post just reflected what I've been reading! Thanks! :-) Love your photos...some great trees for NF Trees & Bushes too if you want to re-use these for that. Probably won't have some of the same viewers. It's 115 degrees here today! Absolutely horrible!

  6. I do not like to be out in the hot sun either. It looks like you have a wonderful time here!


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