Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Enjoy the Moment - Growing Old Gracefully

As I sit at my computer, the office virtually organized and clean with classical music going in the background... I am feeling very lucky and blessed. Everyone needs those quiet moments, alone, to find peace and contentment with their surroundings, themselves and with the world. So, take a moment to scroll down to the end of this post and click on Beethoven's Fur Elise to listen to while you read this. (You will need to reopen your Living Life On Main Street tab after the music starts)

I think that, as I age, I am filled with more and more moments like this and I know it fills my soul and gives me strength to 'grow old gracefully'.

It seemed that as I marched through life, I was always taking care of someone. I never thought about taking care of me, of making sure I had those times just for myself. Life was just too hectic. I'd never get it all done, I'd tell myself, if I stopped in my tracks and just enjoyed.

But, you know, life does go on, the things that needed attention got done but there was always something else to take it's place. I believe that we so often don't see that...

                            ... regardless of what we do, how much we do, there will always be                                           
                          SOMETHING or SOMEBODY that requires so much out of us as women.

That realization came so late in my life....

I wish I'd discovered the truth of it and let the truth set me free years ago.

But, here I sit. It's quiet except for the strains of Beethoven floating through the air. And, I embrace the moment and find peace.

                                                                                                       Enjoy the moment,
Beethoven's Fur Elise


  1. Isn't it the truth? We watching a Jesse Stone video, hubs isn't feeling well after his biopsy. I'm just tired.

  2. Such lovely thoughts as we age! Really want to find and hold that peace.

  3. Beautifully said and this photo is precious.
    Hope you have a lovely evening,

  4. I find I lean more and more on the Lord for my peace.
    The world is moving to fast or I am just slower.

  5. Beautifully written, Latane. The world does move at such a fast pace. It is nice to sit and reflect every once in awhile. I just wrote a post about our front porch swing. For me, it is a perfect place for reflection. Wish you could stop by!
    Blessings from Lynda at Still Woods Farmhouse

  6. I think you speak for all women. I was just thinking of this today and wondering 'why we are chosen to see after others'. Beautiful music and I enjoyed this post.

  7. You're so right, Latane. And it's not just for women. My hubby has worked for years, trying to get things "caught up" at work--only to find more piled on his plate. This is a lesson I need to hear, too. So often I pass by the "fun" thing I want to do to get one more load of laundry done, etc..

  8. i sure can relate to your words!! i discovered it not too long ago myself and now i am a lil selfish....and i'm ok with that. i have finally learned to put myself first for the first time in my life and i quite like it!!!!

  9. I know I'm getting slower as I age, but I am learning to not worry about a little dust or a few things out of place. Taking time to just enjoy nature is far more important to me than worrying about the laundry or a few dishes in the sink. Great post!

  10. Somehow I missed this when you first posted it but I'm very glad I came back to read it! I wish the same thing and even now have trouble with it simply because our family business needs keep me so busy. But I think the family is getting used to the idea that Mom is slower than she used to be! I do so want to treasure the moments of each day.

    I bookmarked the music to go back to and let it play longer, it's such a favorite of mine and I think it's the first really pretty music my daughter learned in piano lessons. Brings back many memories.

  11. This is a beautiful post, Mom...with thoughts all of us have at this stage in our lives, I think, as women. And the music...so "you." :-) I love it!


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