Saturday, June 6, 2015

Shopping Trip

                    Remember me telling you in my last post that I had had a doozie of a week?

                                               Well, the shopping trip cured all that.

Let me tell you - if you get down in the dumps, just go shopping. You will feel so much better!!

Here are some of my purchases......

Can't wait for you to see them.....

Now, be honest when you leave your comments. Honesty is the best policy, or so they say.

But, I'm dying to hear whether you think I made good choices or not.

I began by choosing a pair of white capris and a pair of black pants. Most of the tops I got will go with either the capris or the pants. Mix and match... I like that. 

Please excuse the camera in the photos. I took these of myself (I guess you can tell) by shooting my image in my floor length mirror. Oh well, you learn to do all sorts of things when you live alone. 

I can throw a white sweater over this or put navy accessories with it and the top goes with my black pants, as well. 

Again I can wear the top with my black pants, add red jewelry. Good to go. 

Black pants again (as well as the white).... that is a black and white border print on the hems. Or I could wear it with a pair of yellow, orange or teal blue. Oh, I have the very necklace to put this with... glad I thought of it.

This navy top (don't you just love the flip-flops?) will go with navy, white or red. I just love this one. 

And, I got a pair of kaiki skorts.... 

Yep, I sure am feeling better. 


  1. I like that cute grin you're wearing and I do like all of your mix and match outfits. Very smart!

  2. I like all your outfits, you look very nice in them . Happy Sunday!

  3. Hi Latane, I'd like to invite you to link some of your wonderful barn photos at
    Tom The Backroads Traveller

  4. Good choices! I just popped over from Inspired Sunday and have added you to my Bloglovin".

  5. I do believe a successful shopping trip can work wonders when we are down in the dumps.
    I think your outfits all look nice on you and are well thought out in mixing and matching. You look ready for whatever event might pop up this summer. I can already tell the 4th of July will be fun... with a cute top like that and your fun loving attitude you can't go wrong.
    Glad to hear that you are feeling better.

  6. I love the things you bought! Great job (and I love your modeling selfies! ) I believe the earrings we gave you last year will go with that paisley top too! :-) So glad you are feeling more chipper! I understand you are headed out today to get some barn photos...can't wait to see them!

  7. Everything looks great. Black and white are great staples, then you can mix and match 'til the cows come home. Good choices.

  8. They look great on you, you have good taste! Wish I could take you with me to help me choose clothes. And it looks like you're all set for every summer special occasions.

  9. Very cute outfits! You did a good job putting them together. Enjoy your week!

  10. Yes, shopping for something nice is a great cure, Latane. You did great with the mix and match combos as well as with the selfies to show your purchases. Black and whire oants are a great basic foundation, you did good😉 and glad it cured yiur blues away too.

  11. Lots of pretty outfits! Glad you had a great shopping expedition.


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