Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Pack House Bed and Breakfast

Check in time at the Inner Banks Inn... 

This place is so impressive. Two 3-story Victorian houses side by side. - The Pack House (where we would be staying) and The Tillie Bond Cottage plus the Table Restaurant, all in one complex. Take your pick of which house to stay in. 

                              This is the main house of the complex, The Proprietors Inn

I wanted this trip to be something different to celebrate Leslie 85th birthday so I made reservations at The Pack House. Do you believe that I had this new camera, was snapping pictures of everything in sight and I failed to take a picture of The Pack House? Well, I hope they don't mind that I sort of borrowed a picture off their website to show you... Now, if I get put in jail for doing that, you will post bail, won't you?
                                                                      THE PACK HOUSE

Close your eyes and image the building without the expansive front porch. It used to be a tobacco pack house. Betcha never heard of one of those!!

Tobacco pack houses are where a farmer (and this one must have had a HUGE farm because that house is BIG) takes his tobacco after it is cut. It is stored there, graded and gotten ready for auction. 
They transported it by truck from the farm to it's permanent site as a bed and breakfast 

I thought it would be fun to stay in something that had once been a tobacco barn. The floor is original, wide, wide planks sanded, polished.. beautiful

The decor was rustic. I mean, you aren't gonna find lace and satin in a place that was once a barn, are you?   Large candle holders flanked the front door. 

The fireplace in the sitting room. 

Tobacco hanging over the doorway on the stairwell landing.

More of the sitting room. The coffee table is one long board with holes drilled in the top so that the table is really a large cribbage board. I thought of Elbert...he loved to play cribbage!

The other end of the sitting room

The next morning we had a lovely breakfast in the Table Restaurant

It was such a delightful experience. I fell in love with Inner Banks Inn. I now have a private get-away if I chose to spend some time alone. It's just 50 miles from my apartment!! And I can see myself sitting on that porch of the Proprietor House, rocking away, reading. Or perhaps swinging in the swing on The Pack House porch. Oh yes, come cooler weather!! Here I come. 



  1. I love this place and the history and the decorating too! I am so glad you have a getaway so close to your apartment!!
    Win, win!
    Yes, if you get put in jail for using their photo-email me-I'll post bail or bring you a file;)


  2. I wouldn't miss the lace in such a lovely place. Glad that you found it and I hope that the birthday boy enjoyed it, too! It would be fun to play Cribbage on such a large board!

  3. What a fantastic place! LOVE those old floors!

  4. It's certainly an elegant building now. Good bones there to begin with.

  5. Happy belated birthday to your friend.
    I love this place...and how great that it's so close to your apt.
    We all need a quite place to get away....

  6. Happy 85th to Leslie. I once lived in Kinston NC and remember all about tobacco. I think this is a lovely place to have visited and yes, a wonderful getaway to sit and enjoy a good book or nature. Those floors are beautiful and the décor comfy and cozy.

  7. goodness, it is such a beautiful place, you photographed (most of it) well!!! this is a place i would love to see!!!

    i adore everything about this place but i especially liked the coffee table!!!

  8. I would love to visit this place...,and I must say I hae tied about a billion hands of tobacco in my day. They not longer tie hands like that.

  9. oh my gosh, what a beautiful place this is!

  10. What a lovely place to celebrate a birthday. Your photos are real pretty. Happy Birthday Leslie!

  11. What a PERFECT birthday trip, Mom! I LOVE that beautiful Pack House! I want to stay there!!!! It's just kind of place. I'm so glad you got to stay there.


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