Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Simple Life for Me

I am so thankful for air conditioning. The East Coast is getting toasted big time and that means Virginia, too. 

I was standing in line at the grocery store today when a man in front of me asking if I could possibly turn the sun down a notch or two. I told him I tried that yesterday but it didn't work. 

I miss sitting on my balcony, watching the deer. It's just too hot out there, besides the deer are staying cool back in the woods. 

I did get a couple of pictures of the resident's garden just a couple days ago. I particularly liked the sunflower 

and yes, neighbor Don gave me some of his ripe tomatoes. They were so good. 

I even have my own little 'garden' on my balcony! One lone pepper plant. But, hey, it has a pepper on it ready to eat. 

I like living in a 'community' like atmosphere. Those that wish to, have become friends, help each other and share in joys and sorrows. 

Some residents still work so they pretty much do their 9-5 and then crash in their apartment to get ready for the next day's 9-5. We seldom see them. That's okay. They will retire one of these days.
It's an ideal situation for me.  

I am joining with Tuesday Afternoon. Kara's blog is A Spirit of Simplicity. That's my kind of living! Why don't you check us out? 


  1. It has been hot here in Maryland too, but I keep thinking of winter and it is not so bad! I love the sunflowers, gorgeous. Keep cool and have a great day!

  2. I'm with you on the being thankful for A/C. Can't imagine being without it in this heat.
    Things are looking good in your neighborhood gardens. How nice to have a neighbor who shares his tomatoes.

  3. We here in St. Paul, Mn have had an ideal summer, so far. Your pepper plant reminds me tend to my herbs this morning.

  4. That sweet red pepper is going to be so tasty! Just the thought of a vine-ripened tomato makes me hungry for one. It's been a long time... I heard someone say that AC is one of the single best reasons why people live longer, better lives. They may have a point. Even we up here in the North Country are running AC.

  5. Sorry you are dealing with the heat! That pepper plant is awesome! You shoudl put a tomato plant out there also! And the sunflower is beautiful! Glad there is one on the property you can enjoy! Liked this little thumbnail sketch of your life there.

  6. This kind of heat makes me long for fall! I don't want summer to be over but I wouldn't mind if it would be a bit cooler :)


  7. That pepper and tomato look great. Sounds like you found a really lovely place to live. I'm so happy your settled in nicely and living the good life. Heading over to check out the Simple Life. Keep on stayin' cool.

  8. What a lovely, colorful, and cheerful header, Latane, and yes AC is very welcome these oast few days even in NH.

  9. Hot here in Kentucky as well. I am also enjoying the air conditioning!

  10. Lovely garden...too many mosquitoes and heat so I have to fight to stay out in the garden....the deer are absent here too. Visiting from Tuesday Afternoons.

  11. A most lovely way to spend any afternoon, lovely photos.

  12. thank you so much for linking up with Tuesday Afternoon. I live up in massachusetts. We are quite hot and humid here lately though we did get a bit of a break over the weekend. I will do my best to turn the sun down a notch or two from up here as well...;)


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