Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Trip To IHOP

I have some precious pictures that I wanted to share. Since it is Linda Kay's WIT AND WISDOM today and I definately wanted to join in with that, I decided I'd write a little story to go with these sweet, little pictures.

                                                        "D.'s Adventures with Syrup"

Today was the day that Nana had promised D. that they would go to IHop and get some pancakes. He was very excited. He loved pancakes and the gooey, sticky syrup that Nana would pour over them. He put on his socks and shoes, let Nana button his shirt and away they went.

It was a long drive to the town where IHop was. D's tummy growled and he grew very hungry. Once inside, he told the waitress 'I want pancakes'. He thought to himself, 'I'm a big boy now'. When the plate of golden pancakes arrived, the waitress sat the syrup down next to him. He glanced quickly at Nana, as his hand reached out and touched the handle.

"It's okay," Nana said, "But be careful". He lifted the glass pitcher and held it over his plate. "Slide the top back", Nana instructed.

 So, he did what she said. He was pretty good at doing what he was told.

Suddenly the syrup started streaming out of the pitcher, hitting his pancakes and spreading over his plate.

 "Enough, D." Nana said. So, he closed the lid and set the pitcher aside. He smiled. That had been such an adventure.


  1. Adorable!!! Cute story and I loved the pictures! Looks like D was having a sweet sharing time with Nana!

  2. Oh great story. Made me hungry. LOL.
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  3. So cute! I remember watching my grandson pouring syrup for the first time. Thanks for joining in today!

  4. Special memories for that sweet little guy!

  5. Precious story! And such a sweet and serious little face!


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