Saturday, November 14, 2015

A Trip to Poquoson

What a fun get-a-away!!

Yesterday I had my plans all made to go to Wal-mart, my favorite place. NOT. 

However, when an invitation came from daughter, Shirley, to go to Poquoson to a friend's open house, I couldn't say no. 

I had never been to Poquoson and I do love new adventures.

To join in VERY LATE to Willy Nilly Friday and Five On Friday.............. here goes.

1. Things can get so screwed up if you aren't careful. I was to meet Shirley at Jalapenos in Smithfield. That's what she said, 'meet me at Jalapenos'. Okay, so I get there. She's not there yet so I go inside to wait. Besides, I am thirsty. She meant we'd meet there, I'd jump in her car, leaving mine in the parking lot. Well, it ended up we had a quick Mexican lunch which was not on the schedule. 

2. Driving past Langley Air Force Base, I saw this strange HUGE contraption looming at us from behind a bunch of trees. I have no idea what it was but it was fun getting it's picture. Do you have an idea? Maybe it's a new military weapon.... hehe

3. This sign cracked me up!! Now, my Mom and step-dad owned a dry cleaners. I helped them a lot when I was young. I know the chemicals that are used to DRY CLEAN clothes and there's nothing organic about them. So, naturally this peaked my interest. 

The question outta my mouth: "How do you dry clean organically?"

Shirley's reply: a clothes line.

4. And, check out this Wind tunnel!!

Oh how I would love to see inside.  They check out different airplanes inside... imagine that!

That's the military for you!

5. Coming home, the sunlight shining through some tall reedy weeds was making an awfully pretty picture. Of course, I am hanging out the window while Shirley is driving... and the picture isn't nearly as pretty as they were in real life.

If you try hard enough you can find interesting things where ever you go.



  1. Very true Latane, I find them just walking around my own neighborhood.

  2. Always like you taking us on your fun trips.

  3. #1 All's well that ends well.
    #2 It's a HUGE contraption.
    #3 Don't believe everything that you read.
    #4 Sure is.
    #5 That Phragmites will take over the world.
    If you try hard enough you can find interesting things where ever you go. Lots of time you don't have to try hard.

  4. What a great day out!! You certainly saw lots of interesting things didn't you! Thank you for joining Five On Friday. I hope that you have had a great weekend! xx

  5. Yep!..just gotta look for neat stuff!

  6. Latane, you are so right. Beauty is all around us each day. We just need to open our eyes to it.

  7. Love your Five! What a strange contraption on telling what it will end up being. :-) It was a great list of different things you saw that day! Loved seeing the wind tunnel.

  8. well at least you got a nice lunch out of the mix up! that monstrosity looks like something from iron man or something ha...that wind tunnel is neat and i like the last photo! thank you for linking up latane and willy nilly is ready for this week, sorry i am running late!! have a great day :)


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