Thursday, November 5, 2015

Another Trip

Monday I was in Edenton, N. C. and Wednesday I took off on a church bus tour to Norfolk Va. Busy time for me. 

There is a member of the Christian church here in Suffolk who plays the bells at Freemason Baptist Church in Norfolk every Wednesday. He invited us along for a grand tour of the new library and to hear his concert of bells, followed by lunch at Max and Ermas. 

The new library is unbelievable. I have NEVER seen anything like it. The old portion was once City Hall.

then they built a 6 story new building near it (on the right) and adjoined the two with this cool looking entrance.

This picture is the ceiling sculpture. 

Can you imagine 6 floors of books and computer labs (they have hundreds of computers) and all sorts of things for all ages. Amazing. We went up and down elevators, up and down stairs, in and out, onto balconies and through the children's section. WoW. I got so busy looking that I forgot to take pictures. How bad is that? 

I did get a picture of their 3-D printer. It was busy printing out a dog when we were there. You insert an image (picture)... yes, I know you know that an image is a picture. duh. and the thing prints it out in 3-D. See the figures they had already printed out. The skull, cat, pumpkin and witch's hat. Can we have another AMAZING!!

Then we traveled over to the church. A few of the more agile souls on our trip climbed up the narrow stairs into the bell tower with Sean, the bell ringer. The rest of us stayed outside to hear the sounds of wonderful old hymns floating through the air. Just wonderful. 

Twenty one of us then had a very nice lunch. I had such a great time but I tell you, I had walked so much I was ready to sit down and take it easy when I got home. 


  1. That sounds like a marvelous day! All of our churches have bells and I love to hear them, but we had too many complaints so they are not allowed to be played anymore. It would be thrilling to hear those bells.

  2. What a beautiful trip - the library is wonderful and it must have been so sweet to hear those church bells. Something I miss hearing these days. x Karen

  3. You're right...a completely different building! Wow! Just beautiful, and so impressive! What a great outing, Mom! So glad you went.

  4. I have spent a huge percentage of my life happily spent in libraries! Love I would've surely enjoyed this tour! Thank you for sharing it with us!


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