Thursday, January 7, 2016

A Snowy Beach Birthday

The phone call came at 10 a.m.  day before yesterday

  "Pack an overnight bag. Don't forget your swimsuit. I'll be there to pick you up in 2 hours."

                                                          What the dickens!!!

                   It was my daughter, Shirley, snatching me up for a surprise birthday get-away!

I don't know when I have laughed more than on that overnight trip. First of all, it's January, and cold and we are headed for the beach! Good Grief, Charlie Brown!!

And, as we drove toward the beach, we began to see snow.

Yep, folks, it had snowed at the beach. Even Wavy TV (channel 10) was there to record it for the evening weather report.

We got to the hotel and ran inside... so happy that they have a restaurant there! And, what a birthday meal it was. We had already had our fill when the waiter brings over these two complimentary pieces of cheesecake. Well, it was my birthday .... so we ate them! 

Everything was funny. We got bread... no bread plates. We got tea.... no sugar. We were just laughing our butts off. It is off-season, the place had had ice and snow that morning so they were understaffed. And, we are sitting there having a blast and freezing. They couldn't get that place warm. 

So... we head for the hot tub. Oh, my, I wish I had one on my balcony!! So relaxing, So comforting, soaking these old bones. Loved it.

Everybody needs a surprise birthday like that.

Thank you, Shirley, for a wonderful birthday!!
Love You

now for some more pictures.
The welcome center.

The aquarium in the hotel lobby.

See the snow on the walkway at the pier.



  1. Sounds like a wonderful, fun-filled birthday Latane! So happy for your surprise getaway! We saw snow on the Maine beaches for the first time in our lives..incredible!! Happy birthday love!

  2. Your daughter sounds like a peach! What fun. Happy Birthday...

  3. Wish had a thoughtful daughter like adorable, fun loving Shirley - care to swap?
    I love the beach with snow - so glad you had a wonderful celebration and a lot of laughs.
    Happy Birthday Latane, and many, many more.

    Happy New Year too.
    Mary X

  4. Happy Birthday! What a wonderful way to celebrate! xx

  5. Happy Birthday, Latane! So thoughtful of your daughter and looks like you both made the best of your surprise snow. Such pretty scenes. xo Karen

  6. I didn't want to disturb you during all that fun! Will call tomorrow! Look like a blast! Love the snow on the beach!

  7. What fun! You have some special children!!!!!

  8. Belated Happy Birthday wishes, Latane, and what a wonderful and memorable surprise celebration thanks to your daughter!

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