Saturday, January 2, 2016

Growing Old List.

                                                    It is time to start a new year! 
                                                               Are you ready? 
                                                 Or are you stuck in the old one? 

As I grow older, I am more interested in doing new things, experiencing new feelings, traveling new highways and byways. 

I came across this list recently and I liked what it had to suggest. Anyone want to take the challenge with me? It definately is going up on my bulletin board. Let's see how well I do. Whenever I mark one off, I will let you know. 

Okay, since I made this draft post, I have already tackled the first two.


I was so bad about starting my day at the computer... in my jammies (or gown whichever I happened to have slept in). Got outta bed... wandered mindlessly into the office and sat down... maybe for an hour... maybe all morning. So, I have stopped that. Let's see how long I can NOT DO IT!!!


and my new skill is meditation. I tried it once before but didn't like the positions, the stuff you had to do.... and then I read Dan Harris's book "10% Happier". It was a tough read for me because Dan was searching for something. He admits that he is an atheist and I thought he was searching in the wrong places. But when I got through with the book, I realized that the easy method he described of simply cleansing your mind of all life's clutter, calming yourself and learning to 'be in the moment' was going to be beneficial to a Christian as well as anyone else.

So... now I start my day with Bible reading (I was already doing that sometime during the day), prayer time, a few minutes of calming meditation and I am ready to now go in and plop myself down in front of the computer.... or do something else.

The next thing on my list is DO A GOOD DEED.  Hmmmmm......where will that lead me?


  1. What an inspirational post and I want to join in this project too! My bad habit is biting my nails! I stopped for a few months but started again over the holidays! Instead of biting my nails on BOTH hands - now I'm just biting the ones on my right hand. This is my challenge and I am going to do this! I'm saving the poster to my iPad and will use it for my background and thus remind me every day of my goals! Thank you so much!

  2. Two many to count so guess I will think about it and start next year 2017.

  3. Sounds like a good start to the year! Happy New Year! xx

  4. This list of challenges/goals is a good one. Happy New Year, Latane!

  5. I like your list, Latane, and I'm glad you gave Mr. Harris a chance to go through his journey. I used to do meditation, but life got busy, then hectic, and it fell from my "good" habit list, then while having to cope with MRI machines recently, I rediscovered my favorite method of meditation which leads to counting my blessings. THE best way to pass several uncomfortable minutes in the MRI tunnel, which always continued on for many more minutes/hours after that MRI ordeal had ended. Have a great new year, Latane. I always enjoy reading your posts and look forward to 2016 with you.

  6. I've been to the Y twice this year...I hope that I can keep it up.

  7. Love the way you are starting your day! Great list for the new year too! Wonderful post, Mom!


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