Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A Treasure In The Snow

Now, this isn't a new picture but all the snow we have been having lately reminds me of the fun time me and hubby had when our son-in-law and daughter took us on a four-wheel drive in the pristine snow. 

It had been a very deep snow and having lived in Alabama for so many years we just weren't used to snow that deep. 

We traveled all over the place, over roads filled with snow that traffic had not marred. It was like being in a winter wonderland. The trees hung over our passage, heavy with the weight of the white flakes and everything was brilliant with the sunlight.

This old building sits on the back side of the lake at Airfield 4-H Center near Wakefield, Va. 

I loved the old gas pump. 

I thought I'd link up with Tom's Tuesday's Treasures today.

How about you? Do you have treasures to share? If so, hop on over and join in.



  1. Nice to see the orange and red between the white snow. Perhaps it would be interesting to see the earlier prices for 1 gallon :)

  2. Good morning, riding in a four wheel in the fresh snow sounds like fun. I love the old gas pump.Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  3. Must have been fun to travel in the snow like that without a care. Love the photo with the gas pump and the red barn. Both look good against the snow.

    Snow here has changed now to rain. It was ice overnight.

  4. Gulf gas, now that's a flash from the past! Thanks for sharing Latane, stay warm and please return real soon.

  5. I was asking Buddy where Wakefield was and he said there were two in VA...that did;t help me much. You all obviously got lots of snow. We had 9 inches here at the Homeplace. I am already really tired of winter. Love that old red pump. I have photographed a couple here in Rockbridge County, but they are both white. Though faded, it has lots more personality.

  6. That is a great, old pump! Here in KY we keep getting snow. Tiresome, I say!!

  7. Oh I do like that old gas pump too! Great scene.

  8. A reminder of days gone by.

  9. Beautiful nostalgic image - love the memories of your ride in the snow. x Karen

  10. Your memories are sure a treasure...I like the old gas pump, too.

  11. Love old arms, especially red ones! Can imagine what a fun drive that was.
    My favorite snow days were of course in Antarctica, surrounded by penguins - just amazing!

    Happy day - Mary

    1. . . . . silly computer, that was supposed to read 'barns' not arms! Google is really crazy here this morning - more digging going on in the neighborhood I guess!
      Mary -

  12. Glad you have been getting out and about! xx

  13. That is a neat picture! Dont see too many of those old gas pumps anymore

  14. Great treasure, Mom! Love this photo and your story of the drive. I just didn't have anything ready, and as you can see, am now taking a break from posting for about a week. I'll get back to Tuesday Treasures as soon as I can!


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