Wednesday, February 3, 2016


I'm a bit groggy this morning but still warm and cozy with thoughts of last evening spent with friends.

There are four of us...
                  We just sort of migrated together....
                                 And, we have become fast friends.
                                            We take turns hosting a get-together supper and hours of laughter and fun.

Last night was no exception and I got up this morning, bleary-eyed from the later than norm bedtime (I mean, when we get to yakking, there's no shutting us up), all that Chinese food and a wee bit of wine and just thinking about how precious it is to have really good friends.

And, I might add, beside my besties here in the apartment complex where I live, I must include all you lovely, sweet friends from my blogging world.

So, I am sending you all a big hug and hope I keep you forever. Oh, and by the way, thanks for those who responded to the request for a comment so I could test my blog... It's working fine now evidently by the sweet comments I got. Shame on Google and Blogger for messing with my posts!!



  1. I am enjoying your blog please keep writing. We all need more friends, even blog friends I am thinking!

  2. Glad you had a fantastic visit with your besties last night! I'm so happy that you have this group of ladies. It's wonderful to have dear sweet friends. I don't know what was wrong with the comments but I've been noticing a lot of moments when I "drag" and I'm not sure if it's them or my computer.

    Will be answering your email soon! I can't even tell you how excited I am to be getting that tea set! I never dreamed I would for years & years! It will be displayed prominently in the new house, wherever (Bend, Redmond or La Pine) that is. :-)

  3. Friends are such blessing! No matter how we came together... Blog... In person.. However!

  4. So glad you enjoyed your time with friends. I was without internet from Thursday - Tuesday, and I've missis visiting blogging friends.

  5. oh what a wonderful evening! hugs!

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