Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Too Pretty To Stay Inside

Oh glorious sun...
           Oh warmth in the air....
                       Oh flowers blooming....
                                Birds returning....
                                       It's Spring.

Boy, do I feel heavenly this morning!! It's supposed to be nice, warm weather all week so I opened up the doors to the balcony and walked out and just let the sun beam down on me. 

Hey, it's warm enough to put my potted plant back outside, so I did.

I looked up at the cell tower and there sat my two favorite osprey. They returned about 5 days ago.

What fun it will be to see them refurbishing their nest, preparing for a family, then see the little ones. They are a source of constant entertainment for me.

Oh, I didn't tell you about my trip to the new Dollar Tree store, did I? Sorry, how could I forget. The Dollar Tree was three blocks away, teeny tiny, crowded so I seldom went there. And, then they built a new one right at the end of my block!! 

I stopped in... just to have a 'look see', I told myself. And, just look what I found....

Well, guess I had better scoot. House to clean up, have taxes to do this afternoon. Gonna be a busy day. 

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  1. Latane - you are too busy enjoying the day but when you do stop by my blog to read my big news! I'm off outside to prune, the last time I'll be doing that here.

  2. You found lots of things in your new shop! Hope you enjoy the better weather! xx

  3. very nice score, was the hummingbird feeder a buck??? that's a deal!!!

    you have a pretty view!!!

  4. i love dollar tree! when we lived in georgia there was one really close to us, now i kind of forget about it because the nearest one is a bit out of the way. loving this weather here too!

  5. Isn't it amazing how busy we are these days?!? We have a Dollar Tree in our little town. It's so fun to leave that store with a big bag full of bargains!

  6. What a gorgeous day! Love your plant on the deck! Fun items for your home too!


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